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2013 'Modified' iPod touch

2013 "Modified" iPod touch

5th-gen iPod touch




Manufacturer Foxconn (Rumored)
Type Media Player
Release date 3Q2013
Operating system iOS
Power Built-in non-removable rechargable lithium-ion polymer battery
Processor Probable Apple A5 SoC
Storage 8GB or 16GB flash memory (expected)
Display Retina
Input Lightning connector
Audio Speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack
Connectivity Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n dual-band), Bluetooth 4.0 (expected)
Online services iTunes, App Store, iCloud
Materials Aluminum chassis
H: 4.86"
W: 2.31"
D: 0.24"
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Website Apple.com


Apple may release a new "modified" iPod touch to accompany the company's flagship media player in 2013. The new device will eschew expensive components in attempts to appeal to a more budget-minded audience. 






The modified iPod touch will most likely run the next version of iOS, possibly iOS 7 depending on the unit's release date.



A few key components are said to be replaced or left out altogether for this cheaper iPod touch. Likely to be missing are one or both cameras, while further cost reductions will be found in offering lower-capacity 8GB or 16GB models.



The design will likely be the same as the current iPod touch (5th-gen) with minor changes to the camera ports. 



The iPod touch was first introduced in 2007 as Apple's first touchscreen media player. Iterative changes have followed a similar arc to the iPhone, including the latest fifth-generation iPod touch which features a 4-inch Retina display and rear and front facing cameras.


Placed at the top of the iPod lineup, the touch is Apple's most expensive media player and boasts enhanced capabilities like an A-series processor, advanced Wi-Fi connectivity and a high-resolution Retina display.


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So, basically that one iPod they were selling for a while with no Loop or iSight Camera? Yeah, that went away.
AppleInsider › Articles › 2013 Modified Ipod Touch