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How to offset the cost of a new iPhone by trading in your old one  

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, some may be eyeing a new Apple iPhone 5 as a gift for a loved one, or perhaps themselves. Many are looking to buy the new handset as, for the first time since the original iPhone debuted in 2007, the device has a 4-inch display. Purchasing the iPhone 5 may be difficult for those who bought an iPhone 4S wihtin the last year, however, as carriers did not offer early upgrade subsidies for the newest handset. So to help offset some of the cost of buying an iPhone 5 with little to no subsidy, AppleInsider has rounded up the best trade-in prices for your old units.


The comparison below offers a quick look at how much money customers can expect to get for trading in their used iPhone, whether it be the previous generation iPhone 4S, or the legacy iPhone 3GS.


The trade in values below have been calculated for "as-new" iPhones to illustrate the highest possible payment from each company. Actual trade-in values will vary for devices in less-than-perfect shape, and users can click through the respective links to get a quote based on the specific condition of their iPhone.


Because Apple's iPhone is the main mode of communication for many owners, it would be difficult to be without one for any extended amount of time. To compensate, many of the services offer to lock in quotes for at least three weeks, granting enough time to buy a new iPhone 5 before shipping out the old model. For example, Gazelle will lock in quotes for three full weeks -- meaning you can wait to send them your old unit until your iPhone arrives.


Below are current trade in offers on iPhones, organized by capacity, as of Wednesday, Nov. 7. If your iPhone model isn't specified in the chart, simply click the company logos at the top of the chart to be taken to the corresponding trade-in webpage and request your own quote. The process is quick and easy, usually taking no more than 30 seconds to get a quote, and it's better than finding your old iPhone in your electronics drawer 3 years from now when it will be valued at next to nothing:


Note: The graph below is for the highest priced models on any carrier. Specific values are slightly different for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and others, including unlocked versions of the iPhone. Click through to check on your exact model.


iPad iPhone 3GS

Amazon NextWorth eBay usell Gazelle
Black - 8GB $47.00 $50.00 $42.72 $25.00 $30.00
Black - 32GB $63.00 $70.00 $62.67 $49.00 $49.00
White - 8GB $47.00 $50.00 $42.72 $25.00 $30.00
White - 32GB $63.00 $70.00 $62.67 $49.00 $49.00

400 iPhone 4

Black - 8GB $126.00 $130.00 $124.97 $120.00 $101.00
Black - 32GB $158.00 $145.00 $150.67 $159.00 $157.00
White - 8GB $126.00 $130.00 $124.97 $120.00 $101.00
White - 32GB $158.00 $145.00 $150.67 $159.00 $157.00

400 iPhone 4S

Black - 16GB $255.00 $160.00 $223.84 $255.00 $255.00
Black - 64GB $265.00 $225.00 $229.79 $265.00 $265.00
White - 16GB $255.00 $160.00 $223.84 $255.00 $255.00
White - 64GB $265.00 $225.00 $229.79 $265.00 $265.00


Although Amazon offers store credit instead of cash, we've included the retailer in the comparison chart along with the other cash-paying services because of its high trade-in quotes and the broader selection of general merchandise that can be purchased with its store credit. However, it should be noted that while the Amazon gift cards can be used on items available on the retailers main site, they are not valid for use at the Amazon Wireless store, which is the site that sells smartphones. In the case of each trade in service, trade in values may change on a daily or even hourly basis until they've been locked in.

AppleInsider › Articles › How to offset the cost of a new iPhone by trading in your old one