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How to offset the cost of a new iPhone by trading in your old one

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, some may be eyeing a new Apple iPhone 5 as a gift for a loved one, or perhaps themselves. Many are looking to buy the new handset as, for the first time since the original iPhone debuted in 2007, the device has a 4-inch display. Purchasing the iPhone 5 may be difficult for those who bought an iPhone 4S wihtin the last year, however, as carriers did not offer early upgrade subsidies for the newest handset. So to help offset some of the cost of buying an iPhone 5 with little to no subsidy, AppleInsider has rounded... read more

How to save money on AppleCare extended warranty when buying a new Mac

From time-to-time, Apple resellers will hold promotions offering exceptional discounts to Apple's retail pricing for hardware, software and services. Currently, Apple authorized reseller B&H Photo is running a Buy Together And Save promotion that offers over 50% off AppleCare 3-year extended warranty plans (normally $249 to $349) when purchased alongside a new Mac. Since B&H also offers hefty discounts on new Macs themselves, the promotion will in most cases save you hundreds of dollars over buying from Apple's online store or retail shops. To sweeten the pot, B&H will... read more

How to offset the cost of a new iPad mini by trading in your old iPad

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, many consumers are pining for Apple's new 7.9-inch iPad mini, the first-ever small format tablet to come out of Cupertino. For those looking to stuff their stockings this Christmas with the smaller, more portable iPad mini, AppleInsider has looked into which trade-in services offer the best prices to offset the cost of the new device.    The comparison below offers a quick look at how much money customers can expect to get for trading in their used iPad, whether it be the current model with Retina display or... read more

Apple Prototypes

Pictures of prototype iPhones revealed in Apple v. Samsung court documents.   During the Apple v. Samsung court trial, a number of internal documents were revealed from both sides, including extremely rare photos of Apple design prototypes for the iPhone and iPad. As part of court exhibits filed before jury proceedings began on Aug. 1, the device designs were to be used as evidence that Samsung infringed on certain Apple-held patents, including the D'889 iPad property.   While both parties fought vigorously to keep their respective documents sealed, presiding... read more

Blackberry developers jumping ship

More bad news: Developers are giving up on BlackBerry, too… Research In Motion has shown us some pretty awesome things so far with BlackBerry 10. Areas of the mobile OS look fresh and exciting, and for the first time in a long time, RIM looks to be innovating in a few key areas rather than just playing catch-up. The problem, however, is that RIM is trying to rebound by introducing a brand new platform at what is likely the worst time in the smartphone industry’s history to introduce a new platform.   Android and iOS are absolutely dominating the... read more

2012 iPhone

iPhone 5 Developer Apple Manufacturer Foxconn (Rumored) Type Smartphone Form Factor Slate Release date September 21, 2012 Operating system iOS 6 Power Built-in non-removable rechargable lithium-ion polymer battery Processor Probable ARM Cortex system-on-chip (possibly built on new 32nm fabrication) SoC... read more

2012 MacBook Pro lineup

Apple's 2012 MacBook Pro refresh is expected to be a major overhaul of the company's leading line of notebooks. Specifically, the new MacBook Pros are widely believed to adopt characteristics from the thin-and-light MacBook Air line, including reliance on solid-state storage and removal of the spinning disc drive.   The next-generation MacBook Pros will feature Intel's newest Ivy Bridge processors. Reports have suggested Apple's new notebooks could include Intel's Core i7-3820QM and Core i7-3720QM models featuring integrated HD 4000 graphics.   The launch of... read more

Apple Television

Rumors have persisted for years that Apple is working on a full-fledged television set that would go well beyond the current Apple TV set-top box. The device is expected to arrive as soon as the end of 2012.   It has been said that Apple's own design chief, Jony Ive, has a 50-inch Apple television housed in his secure design studio. Other rumored potential sizes for the television lineup have been panels in the 32-inch and 55-inch classes.   Industry watchers believe that an $800 million deal between Apple's manufacturing partner Foxconn and panel supplier... read more

Buy Sell Trade Rules

The "Buy, Sell, Trade" portion of this site is a private forum for registered members only.  Use of this area is at your own risk. AppleInsider does not monitor the postings on the site for accuracy or reliability, and makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of any information posted on the site. AppleInsider does not guarantee or have information regarding the quality of any of the products bought or traded or acquired through the Buy, Sell, Trade area. The choice to participate, the terms of any transaction and the outcome are solely your... read more

Groups Guidelines

About Social Groups Social groups allow forum members to create "clubs" to discuss topics of shared interest.  It gives members with similar interests a place to gather and share information in smaller groups.   Each group has its own dedicated group page.  The page includes a list of members in the group, a description, a dedicated forum, and a gallery.  All content in all Social Groups is publicly visible, but only group members may contribute content and participate.     Social Groups Rules The rules for the groups are the same as the rest of the site:... read more

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