Quick Look not working

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I'm having a problem with quick look (Mac OS X 10.6.2).

When i hit the space bar, it opens the window of quick look but with nothing inside.

I looked for an error and I found this:

09/12/28 19:54:04\tFinder[104]\t[QL] Display bundle <QLGenericDisplayBundle: 0x11b4814a0> did not return a layer although it was required to because it did not return a view either.

Could you help me?


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    gregggregg Posts: 261member
    Find that file. I'm using OS 10.5.8 and it is located in Users/MyUserName/Library/Preferences

    Drag the file to your Desktop


    That will make a new file (look to make sure it's there)

    Try QuickLook again


    Trash the file on your Desktop
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    Thanks Gregg. I had the same problem. After following your instructions QuickLook is working fine.
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