Jazzguru's Make the World a Better Place: Environmental Home Improvement Tips Thread

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I'm glad that he has taken the high road and stopped posting in the climategate thread to instead put his efforts into actually helping the environment. In the spirit of respect, forgiveness, and togetherness, here's an article to help out his cause:

Winter is coming (or already here for many of us across the country). Here's a way to insulate some windows that you don't plan on opening until spring. This will cut down on our usage of fossil fuels to heat our homes! Bonus, our utility bills should decrease!



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    You know those annoying phone books you get delivered to your doorstop that you never use anymore thanks to the digital age? What a huge waste of paper! Apparently you can actually opt out from receiving the yellow book. Here's the article about it:


    And here's the direct link to the opt out:


    Thanks again, Jazz, for inspiring and eventually contributing to this thread.
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