In-depth Review: Apple's iPad 2 running iOS 4.3



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    Originally Posted by FreeRange View Post

    Sue, seriously, your rants are blithering nonsense. Further, it has always taken them a week or two to get the notifier system up and running online once shipments have become more regular and the pipeline more predictable. Also a very reasonable approach.

    It is offensive that you would claim that they are treating customers "like garbage". Get a life!

    I'm glad you mentioned "pipeline"... at least that's something Sue will understand.
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Actually I'm a bit confused by Sue. The last time she was posting a couple months ago the writing style was completely different and the points she made were not so over the top trolly and actually somewhat logical. Maybe this is a shared user account over at the Adobe Propaganda Department and it is a different Sue on this shift. If not, she seriously needs to put down the crack pipe.

    I'm curious since I don't think I posted in over a year. But also which point is so over the top?

    1) that this reviews list of only 3 possible cons is more symptomatic of fanboi'ism than a really objective review?

    Generally, if you list 7 pros, it's a good idea (for objectivity) to list at least as many cons, or mention obvious limitations of those pros compared to the competition: 3G = lack of 4G. strong clean design and size = lack of expansion or ports without dongles. Facetime = proprietary. App store + apps = lack of flash. These are just balancing things in any good review

    2) That this is really the best Apple or any company could possibly do to distribute their products. You're actually arguing that things like having an inventory count on their website is a bad idea? Or that Apple couldn't go out when they have a line of 400 and know they only have 50 devices, and tell them the count and models? That somehow this would destroy the iPad and Apple as a company, and not be a way to improve convenience of people waiting in line?
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    wigginwiggin Posts: 2,238member
    Originally Posted by pumpkinwhite View Post

    I think there is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding iPad's 1080p output. I was hoping Appleinsider review would do a better job of explaining it, but it seems they did not do so.

    As far as I can understand, the iPad cannot display 1080p 'native' content. It either upscales the 1024x768 (or 768p if you will) resolution to 1080p (in case of mirroring mode), or it outputs movies in 720p resolution.

    The big question is - can the iPad output 1080p native content (i know not possible for movies). For example, can a developer write a program to output 1080p worth of pixels on the external display? If not, 1080p output is not the relevant specification here. The iPad can either output 720p or '768p upscaled to 1080p'.

    Hope someone can chime in on this.

    Yeah, I've been trying to get the same question answered. If I'm displaying a slide show (we know video is limited to 720p), how many pixels are being rendered? 720p is sufficient for video. The motion hides the lower resolution, to a degree. But with still photos it makes a bigger difference. And any vector graphics, fonts, etc, rendered at "768p" and then scaled to 1080p will look at little jaggy.

    Overall, nice review Daniel. One suggestion, check your TV for a setting overscan on the HDMI inputs. Some TV's slightly overscan to hide any artifacts along the edge of the picture. That might help fill the screen with a little more of the mirrored image.
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    Originally Posted by Sue Denim View Post

    You're actually arguing that things like having an inventory count on their website is a bad idea?

    I never mentioned it before, but now that you have somehow attributed this to me I will admit that I consider it completely unnecessary. Does any other company offer that service?

    Honestly, I really don't think you will enjoy an iPad, so you shouldn't buy one, it will only anger and frustrate you.

    When the first iPad came out I was a little disappointed that it didn't have a user accessible file system among a few other missing features, but I bought one anyway just to check it out. As it turns out, I really think they did a great job designing it. It doesn't do a lot of things that a full computer does, but that simplicity is part of the design. If you want to have all those computer like features that you mentioned, then you don't yet understand the philosophy behind the iPad.
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    yea. Guess I'll stop posting for a while.

    I find it interesting that only one person answered the question, "do you really think this is the best Apple could do [to inform their customers of inventory]?", or "or do you really only see wins in every single tradeoff made in the product".

    If you say yes, then you tell me all I need to know. It's a waste of time to try to reason with those that have no room for reason. This comic comes to mind:
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    You're full of it. My Aunt does not have a PC and cannot used computers so I tried to recommend an iPad to her, but had to stop mid recommendation as she wouldn't be able to set it up. There are zero Apple stores in our country and I don't want her iPad to be tied to my computer. It's a con because it's a con, and calling me out saying: "you just want to bitch" is completely crap.

    I dont understand how it's tied to your computer? You plug it in, it activates, and it never has to see your computer again? It sounds like you're just being spiteful.
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    Originally Posted by mbarriault View Post

    In the post-truck era, you still need a truck to build a house.

    The "post truck era" is not something anyone ever touted, hence the discrepancy.

    Originally Posted by GQB View Post

    Try thinking a few moments into the future.

    We're just at the beginning.

    If it's in the future, then by definition, we are not in the post PC era.
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    recrec Posts: 217member
    This article isn't just a love letter to Apple, this is full frontal iPad 2 porn.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    What? Crticiscm of an Apple product in an AI article? I hope DED is okay.
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    Originally Posted by spoonyfork View Post

    How is the iPad post-PC if I have to use a PC to initialize it, update the OS, and back it up?

    That's the whole point of 'Post PC'. Meaning you already have a PC, here's something you can do with it. Same with the iPod. You can't use that without a computer either. Also, your iPhone wouldn't be so attractive if you didn't pair it with your computer.

    I think you're getting the wrong idea on the definition of 'Post PC'... From your post I think you're replacing the word 'Post' with 'New' or 'The Next' in your personal idea of the definition.
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    There are many types of people who have different needs. iPad is different things to different people. The post PC era is just marketing spin to say that Grandma couldn't ever get the hang of a real computer but iPad she can actually use, with a little help from a grandson from time to time.

    You shouldn't care about the post PC era anyway because you are not about to give up your Mac any time soon and probably have all kinds of apps, mobileMe and a dozen other ways to move data around the internet from device to device. Bottom line is... you just want to bitch.

    Yaknow, its possible that what's being referred to as the "PC era" or the "post-PC device" is really just a euphemism for something else. Replace "PC" with "Windows" and it gets more accurate, I think. We are seeing the end of the Windows era and the beginning of the post-Windows device.

    In this new era, Windows is no longer the dominant player. This era starts now.
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    Originally Posted by DanaCameron View Post

    It's post-PC in how you use it; it's a much simplified user experience where much of the user maintenance necessary on PCs (e.g., file management) has been removed.

    The term "Post-PC" is going to be flung around by Apple pundits (DED, and that daring fireball guy) until Steve comes up with the next catchphrase, just like 'curated' came and went, as did 'bag of hurt' before it.
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    So much hyperventilation! Every Apple product out there can be made better, and does get better, but over time and in an evolutionary way.

    If you have a problem with that, you should wait before you buy. And stop complaining.
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    adonissmuadonissmu Posts: 1,756member
    How can a device be Post PC but it needs a PC to be activated.
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    Originally Posted by Sue Denim View Post

    Doesn't matter if you agree or not. But even though I want one (and will probably get one), some cons include:

    4) lack of Flash (if you don't like it, turn it off. Some of us want it).

    5) lack of integrated USB/Video or SD card (far more convenient way to transfer information without dragging around dongles)

    6) lack of keyboard option (so far),

    7) and so far, Apple seems to artificially be limiting availability. (No one seriously believes Apple couldn't offer better availability if they wanted, do they?)

    Based on reviews, I'd also question Safari's performance (compared to Android's) - though I haven't found that to be a big limiter for myself.

    The Sue Denim of Robots in Disguise? If so, nice to see you here, a long way from Berlin!
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Oh shut up with the useless analogies already. It's not Post-PC until it can be setup and completely managed without even owning a PC. But, but, but, Apple can set it up in the store for you? That's all balls. That's a work around, and a bad one.

    Why does a post-PC device need to be sans-PC? Perhaps Apple's current conception of a post-PC device doesn't match yours.
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    Originally Posted by Sue Denim View Post

    Flash 10.1 has existed for mobile for a while, 10.2 is out too. Are you saying that Apple wanted it on there, but Adobe is holding it up? Or are you willing to concede that your point was a poor one (just a distraction)?

    a) they could just tell the lines that are waiting how many machines they have for sale that day and what variants. (they do this right before they open the door -- after people have waited all night).

    On the Flash point, I have used droids and seen flash drain the battery before my eyes, like 40% usage in about an hour of surfing...if that is the cost of flash on the phone, i will do without, thanks! Besides, most if not all useful content is available in non flash form now, so flash is just a waste land for lazy devs stuck in 10 year old mindsets to make crappy ads for Verizon tablets that run on Apple insider and slow my browser. As a corporate IT guy, if a web dev came to me asking for an upgrade to a new version of Flash Professional, I would say no, use HTML 5 and other standards, dont tie us to that boat anchor.

    As to the point about the lines, I can tell you, as one who lined up 4 times last week and got no ipad, that it sucks, I watched people who lined up and got them every day! and they were letting people take 2 each! why not limit it to one per person in line per day if supply is so limited? I refuse to pay $800 for a $500 device on ebay, but the only people who wait in line more than an hour or two after launch day seem to be the ebay whores. I had one guy say "I will sell you my spot for $250 because that is the low end of my margin on this"
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    Originally Posted by Sue Denim View Post

    yea. Guess I'll stop posting for a while.

    I find it interesting that only one person answered the question, "do you really think this is the best Apple could do to inform their customers of inventory?"

    Probably not, but I also think there were a couple factors to consider.

    1. I don't think anybody, Apple or anyone, expected this kind of turnout for the launch. I live in Plano TX. This is no NYC or LA, but understand that it is higher tech and higher wage earning than the vast majority of the country. I went to the mall that evening to see how the Apple store was doing and see if they might have any iPad 2's on display. I figured, maybe... just maybe, 30, 40 people waiting in line- tops. Like I said this is no NYC flagship store, just some random Apple store. There were easily 500 people waiting in line, probably alot more than that, in a line that stretched all through the mall. It was insane for a v2 product launch. Security was out making sure things went smoothly. Something was up, something beyond and outside normal expectations.

    2. Apple is a secretive company. It is their business to have secrecy to foster and build hype for consumer products. You want them to open things up, actually so did I. I wish I could've gone online and seen a list per store of inventory. It makes sense to do right? Except that it is not Apple's business to be open about every detail of its business, and I realize that. Frustrating as it is, you have to acknowledge that it is the right of a business to run itself as it sees fit, provided it is done within current laws.

    So yeah, while I do think they could've done better, I don't think they 1. anticipated this kind of demand, it was insane and 2. it is not in Apple's DNA to be open about every detail, and we shouldn't expect them to be.

    Consider for just a moment if the opposite had occurred, which is entirely probable (alternate universe time): Nobody wants the iPad2. It's not a real PC, doesn't have enough ports, doesn't run flash and its just a big expensive toy. Ok, Apple posts per-store inventory on their website for the launch to help people find iPad2's, except it turns out nobody wants them. Now its nothing but bad PR for the company: Any schmo reporter can look up online all the overstock iPad2's Apple has in the channel, how they totally misjudged things. Look at all the wasted silicon and glass they have sitting on their shelves. APPL would take a huuuuuuge tumble, the future of the company would come into question. If nobody wants the iPad, and the company was betting its future on this device, what kind of growth can they really expect?

    If you were an APPL investor in this scenario, I think you'd be mighty pissed. What the hell was Apple thinking? Why would they be so public about their actual inventory numbers? In this respect posting that info publicly comes with risk, and is a big gamble to shareholders. Especially for a new product category only 1 year old, especially for something that has had unpredictable success and growth in just 9 months when most people, companies and analysts still don't fully understand what is going on.

    But to summarize, no. I don't think it is the best Apple can do. I also don't think any of your suggestions quite work.

    But look, the bottom line is there is simply way more demand for this product than Apple can produce. I'll get mine in a month or 2 whenever it actually becomes possible. Everyone just needs to take a chill pill and someday (probably around the iPad 5 =) Apple will be able to normalize the supply/demand chain... maybe.
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    Originally Posted by Extensor View Post

    I'm taking up a collection to buy Sue Denim a Xoom tablet and a free membership to a fanDroid site. Any takers?

    The Xoom has everything Sue is looking for, so I would pitch in.

    Is Sue just angry because She can't get one right now, or is she angry because Apple is selling every single one they put on the shelf? I still can't tell after reading so many posts....

    In other news, I'm going to call GMC because they don't include a boating package when I buy a truck. I want it to be able to drive on water. The competition does it, so others must want it.... Hell, I see the duck buses (boats) in Boston ever day and get even more angry at GMC for not giving me the option to buy it!!!
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Excellent section in the article about display out. That is a *massively* requested feature and IMO a major reason why devices are jailbroken.
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