Apple issues first public "over the air" iOS update with 5.0.1



  • john.bjohn.b Posts: 2,643member
    I really appreciate you all beta testing this for me.
  • hill60hill60 Posts: 6,974member
    Originally Posted by Eideard View Post

    Went smooth as silk. Plugged in the charger to keep it happy though I had more than enough juice.

    BTW - never had a battery problem, anyway. I'd changed back some of the location settings which seemed to be different after the original download.

    Had beaucoup fun teasing the sole member of our group of blog editors who is down in Oz about reason 4 - about corrections made to ease dictation problems for Australians. :-]

    He hadn't yet done the upgrade; but, his comments ran to:

    "I wonder if it now understands common words like mate, digger, cobber, fair-dinkum , galah, bilby, strewth, no-wuckers and pommie bastard.

    I can never understand why Aussies are regarded as incomprehensible."


    Don't come the raw prawn with me, mate or me an' me china's will be roun' to give ya a bit of the old biffo.

    Bloody septics, takin the piss, anyhow I'm off to the rubitty to down a couple of skewies.
  • jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    My iPhone had a full charge but it still said it needed to be plugged in to a power source.

    It says that you should be plugged in, but you can ignore it if you have a full (or mostly full) charge.

    Mine was at 88% when I started (not plugged in) and 87% when I finished (after rebooting).
  • anantksundaramanantksundaram Posts: 17,431member
    OK. The first thing that I've been really impressed with, software-wise from Apple in the past couple of months.

    Nice. Smooth. (Makes you wonder why they didn't/couldn't do this a while ago).
  • blowabsblowabs Posts: 70member
    who's gonna be 1st to report battery moved to 99% after 15 min. of use like it used to do...>?....

    update was quick & easy....finally.
  • deanbardeanbar Posts: 103member
    Went real smooth. iPhone was on 55%, It said to plug power in, but I ignored it and it only went down to 53% when finished.

    Now let's see if it helps battery life (on my IP4).
  • solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    OK. The first thing that I've been really impressed with, software-wise from Apple in the past couple of months.

    Nice. Smooth. (Makes you wonder why they didn't/couldn't do this a while ago).

    This worked out well, though whilst in Beta I did have OTA update issues.

    I think they could have done it earlier, but there are reasons not to jump too fast into this feature. For starters, if your delivery method gets compromised you could have a a single person initiate an update that bricks or steals data from millions of devices within a short time. They might not eve have to be in the country they execute the infected update. If you look at how many different exploits in different areas of the device had to worked to initiate Jailbreak Me 3.0 then I don't think it's too much of stretch to see how tricking the device that there is an update to install could be harmful for users. I wonder if Apple has a hidden kill switch to disable any OTA updates if the issue ever arises.
  • tjwaltjwal Posts: 404member
    Ota worked fine on my 4s, started at 72% went down to 70%

    Half hour later it is warm to the touch and has dropped to 66%. It may be residual heat from the install or there is something running in the background. Anyone know how to see what could be running?
  • talksense101talksense101 Posts: 1,737member
    Was a 38MB (approx) update for the iPad2. The progress bars are scary during the update.
  • sheffsheff Posts: 1,407member
    Was a very smooth and enjoyable experience, just like the beta.
  • blowabsblowabs Posts: 70member
    Ell....just like 9to5mac is Difference in batt. life. NONE!
  • mp1963mp1963 Posts: 16member
    The 5.0.1 update OTA to my iPhone 4 and iPad 1 went very smoothly. Now, however, when I copy text from, say Evernote, and try to paste it into iMessage or Mail there is no Paste option presented. Interestingly I am also unable to paste into Notes unless I create the text in Notes itself, then I can copy and paste within the Notes app. Can anyone else confirm this is the case ?
  • nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Obligatory it's snappier! on iPhone 4S... Not showing up when I tried to check with iPad 2 though. \
  • archangel21xarchangel21x Posts: 88member
    I just installed the update. It's nice to update this way, but I found out like other people that you need to be at 50% battery charge or better or you have to plug the device into a power source.
  • kulak18kulak18 Posts: 16member
    Originally Posted by mitchman View Post

    I hope the over-the-air 5.0.1 update is smaller than the 810mb file I just downloaded to upgrade to 5.0.1 thru iTunes.

    Why is wireless download smaller than the wired download? Anyone have a reasonable explanation for this?
  • tontontonton Posts: 14,064member
    Strangely enough, although you cannot download the update over 3G with an iPhone at all, you can download the update with an iPad connected to the same iPhone's Personal Hotspot when the iPhone is on 3G, even if the iPhone only has 10% battery left.
  • djrumpydjrumpy Posts: 1,116member
    HUGE difference in battery use this morning. I only lost 1% last night, from 100% to 99% for 12 hours of standby.

  • djrumpydjrumpy Posts: 1,116member
    Originally Posted by kulak18 View Post

    Why is wireless download smaller than the wired download? Anyone have a reasonable explanation for this?

    OTA (Over The Air) updates use deltas, so it only updates the bits that have changed. I can only assume the iTunes method of updating does the full monty so that you have the image file available to use the 'restore' function.
  • felix01felix01 Posts: 133member
    On-air update worked fine with my 1st Gen iPad.

    AND, all my iWork documents which had just disappeared from iCloud over the past several days suddenly re-appeared in a "Recovered Files" folder!


    Thanks, Apple.
  • macrulezmacrulez Posts: 2,455member
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