B&W Zeppelin Air, Apple Time Capsule, Ipad Question Please.

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I am awaiting delivery of a B&W Zeppelin Airplay Compatible Speaker System and would like to ask the following please

I would like to run the Zeppelin via Ethernet Connection into my Time Capsule ( first Gen ) and access my Itunes Library which is stored on the Time Capsule via my Ipad wirelessly thus streaming it to the Zeppelin via the Ethernet.

1. Can you run a Time Capsule without connecting it to the internet? as I have no need to use this, I have found in the past that if you don't connect to the Net the light flashes Orange which is annoying to say the least!, I have no requirement for internet connection with regard to this system. How do you configure the Capsule to run just as a network device and end the flashing light problem.

2. Can you access an itunes Library stored on a Time capsule via I Pad , and how do you go about this please?.

any help appreciated I guess this is a common problem maybe??

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