AOL Mail and the iCloud account

in iCloud edited January 2014
How do you get your AOL mail account from your iPad and iPod to show up in the It shows archived mail and stuff you have from you account, but my AOL and Gmail stuff is not showing up? So confused? I want to be able to go to the site and click on the mail and see all my mail, just like on the iPad. Am I not understanding how this works?

Thanks so much. I'm just another old lady trying to keep up with all of this.


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    iCloud is for iCloud mail only. Why would you think some other mail server is going to serve up their stuff to Apple's website? Heck, Yahoo! still refuses to give free POP mail, so you can't get those accounts ANYWHERE but Yahoo!'s website without paying.

    iCloud the service will sync your mail accounts across all of your devices (your PC, Mac, iPad, etc.) but the iCloud website only shows you Apple's mail services. I believe it's the same for calendars.
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