Time Machine Issues

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I have an external hard drive loaded with pics from various vacations, undergraduate documents, family movies, ect.. The format on the external drive is in windows format (NNT?). Therefore it can read the info on my MAC but it can't transfer new info from the MAC to the external drive. So, I took all the data and put it on my MAC, then reformatted the external drive with time machine. I then transferred all the important files back on the external drive. Once all the data was on the external drive again after I reformatted it with time machine I deleted (empty the trash) the data off my MAC since I transferred it to my external drive. I can't find any of the data in the external drive either?

I am really confused? I thought I would be able to put the files back on the external drive and delete them off my MAC. For some reason when I emptied the trash it deleted those important files off my MAC and external drive. Is there anyway I can restore these files? Its of 200 GB of important data. I do not know what to do...

I appreciate everyones help on this site. -Evan


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    It's NTFS. And you can get write drivers for OS X, if you wish. Also, it's Mac.

    You'll want software called StellarPhoenix. Try not to do too much on your hard drives until you can run it, as you use it to search the 'empty' space on your drive for your lost files.

    It won't recover everything. Since you didn't run it immediately, it just can't. But most of this stuff will probably be recoverable. I don't personally know of any FREE alternative to StellarPhoenix, but you're welcome to look around for one.
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