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    Originally Posted by macarena View Post

    I guess removing posts is an order of magnitude different from banning a user - but the concept still holds the same. I don't agree with such measures unless there is a violation of some forum rules, or decorum.

    I will definitely hang around - I enjoy this way too much to leave on my own. Hopefully, I won't be stepping on anyone's toes... and wont be banned, etc. But seriously - what really is the point of banning someone in a free forum like this? It takes 2 minutes to create a new id - and the only thing you lose is post history, and maybe some credibility if you are a frequent poster.

    Not sure if I am worthy of admiration - but thanks!

    So far, I think there has been pretty clear cut reasons where posts have been removed or users banned. Removing or editing of posts (including mine from time to time) has been done in legitimate cases.

    Again, specific discussion on banning of specific users is supposed to be discussed by PM with moderators, which we won't go into here.

    Perhaps we can look at the general guidelines.

    Basically, the reason to keep your username is that if you have been here a while, it's nice that people know you and recognise you, and you don't have to keep changing usernames and IP addresses to avoid detection.

    Enforcement only falls into play when there is obvious abuse personally directed at another forum member, usually in Political Outsider. Other than spam of course, rude/ harrasing/ pointless posts and threads may be also looked at.

    On that last point though the trolling that happens (you know who) can get annoying, usually they are removed by the trolls losing their composure and then somehow committing forum harakiri by flying off the handle.

    Also, infraction points which may or may not expire are given before suspension or banning.

    Any better approaches?
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