Turn OFF Lion FileVault2 for Best SSD Performance

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Hi, I thought this justified its own thread. For those on 2011 Macs and particularly 2010 or earlier Macs without ~CPU AES~ or something like that turn OFF whole-disk Lion Filevault2.

With Lion Filevault2 off, your SSD will be operating at its peak. I've seen and benches show up to 40% reduction in speed with whole-disk FileVault2 (but still it is very fast).

But wait, there's more. How ~do~ you protect sensitive data? Simple. Make a separate partition. Format that partition with "Mac OS X Journaled, Encrypted". This is quite obscure, but when formatting using Disk Utility, choose Erase drive with that option.

Voila. Fast non-sensitive main partition for apps, caches, music, movies, etc. and a separate Lion-"native" encryption (same tech as FileVault2 AFAIK).

Don't forget to encrypt your Time Machine backup too if you want, it will use Time Machine's whole-disk encryption.

Of course, disclaimer here is consider your situation, and if whole-disk FileVault2 is needed, go for it. If not, then try out the above. Hope this helps.
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