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    maxitmaxit Posts: 159member

    apple ][ said:
    MacRumors is complete garbage. I'm glad that I left that place many, many years ago. The forums are a complete joke and the mods there can go jump off a bridge. Totally biased and unfair. 

    No site is 100% perfect of course, but I find AI to be 100 X better.
    I wouldn't call them "biased", but surely unfair.
    I basically started a discussion with two mods one year ago, reported that to the site owner, and they came after me all together , giving me reminders and suspensions for frivolous reasons....
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    If you dont like Macrumors then dont post there.  I looked at many of your post there after reading this and you do come off as insulting and rude.
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    Screw MacRumors. Their forums have become a cesspool of anti-Apple trolls & rabid Google/Microsoft fanboys. Confront them and the mods will slap you down and eventually ban you entirely. I was an active forum member for 15+ years until I was eventually banned for arguing with the Fandroids. The mods over there seem perfectly happy to coddle those who participate in the forum only to stir up contention and perfectly willing to ban long-time forum members who happen to be happy with their Apple products and are willing to say it.

    AppleInsider has far more insightful original content and the forums aren't hostile to Apple fans (imagine that!).

    MacRumors sucks. Good riddance.
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    fatpuppy said:
    Does this mean that I will never be able to post on that forum again? Or can I use a different IP and make a new account? Cause I live in to different cities at once.
    Why even bother? Some Android fanatic will call you a "sheep" for using Apple stuff, you'll respond with something snarky and a mod will immediately throw you into a timeout (but not the Android fanatic, of course).

    Their moderation is a joke and the forum has been overrun by trolls. Sometimes it's just best to say goodbye.
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    Call your friends, tell them to come on over. We've got room for everybody!
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