President Obama breaks second term curse!

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Second term curse reverse

Presidential scholars have a term to describe the typical experience of a chief executive who wins re-election to the White House. It’s called the “second-term curse.” There’s evidence for it. Midway through their second terms, George W. Bush suffered Hurricane Katrina and the Iraqi quagmire, Bill Clinton was impeached, Ronald Reagan was staggered by the Iran-contra scandal, and Richard Nixon was run out of town.

At the risk of jinxing our current president with one year left to go, he appears to have broken the curse.

Wow, finding that quote function was a bit of a bear there.

I'd have to agree with the author. I think the massive loss of political capital for the Democratic Party to maintain the Obama presidency is a bit minimized by the author but I have to agree that he is right and the the President has largely avoided the curse of a second term scandal. Sure there is a year left in his presidency and the potential is still there but short of something major cropping up tomorrow, he had done what the last several presidents have failed to do in their second term, and that is deal with an energy sucking scandal that consumes all the remaining political capital of the president to finish their term.

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