Ask for advise: 15" MacBook Pro 2015 or 13" MacBook Pro 2016

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Hi all,

I'm currently choosing between two devices in subject (2015 MacBook Pro 15" 16/256 or 2016 MacBook Pro 13" with Touch 8/256). Budget is near $1800.
Will use it for general work, x-code and IntelliJ idea.
Also have external monitor.

what would you prefer?


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    2015 15" all the way.  
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    Finally got 13" 2016 without TouchBar
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    Let us know how you like the MBPro 13" w/out Touchbar.
    Does it run XCode well enough?  I've been interested as well in this one, but consider the Touchbar to be less useful for the 
    long term, IMHO.  It looks like fun and like something that may need service in the future (my thoughts only).
    Just wondering about a dual core machine for Adobe and Photoshop plugins etc.
    Thank you.

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