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Hello - I bought a 2014 Mac Mini.  I took it apart to put in a SSD.  When I went to put it back together, I stripped one of the screws and had to cut the head off to get it out.  Now that I've got it out, I need a replacement, but I've no idea where to get one.  It's the one that goes through the bracket on the power supply and hard drive caddie, then into the hole that attaches to the plastic part that's glued to the case.  Here's a picture of the screw that's similar or the same that goes in on the other side:

Thanks for any help.


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    iFixit has parts and part kits for Apple products. Take a look there.
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    Thanks for the reply.  It looks like the screw set for the 2014 Mini is OOS and $20 for one screw seems a bit high.  There must be somewhere to buy just the one I need for less?  Thanks again.
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    Take your Mac Mini to the Apple Store and explain what happened. I had a similar issue with a 2012 Retina MBP 15. I stripped one of the screws trying to replace the flash storage.  What did they do? They replaced all the screws on the back with new screws, not just the stripped screw for no charge. That was nice of them to do that, especially since my MBP was out of warranty.
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    Thanks Anthology.  I live at least a hour and a half from the closest Apple store, so I'd really prefer to buy one on-line.  I found out from this, that it's an 8mm T6 screw, but I've no idea where I can get one.  Thanks again.
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    Greetings: Did you find your screw?  Ace Hardware as well as Home Depot have a category of Specialty Hardware which includes
    stainless steel items and you might find it there.   Don't give up.
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