iCloud error when unlocking Sierra with Apple Watch

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My Mac Pro has an SSD boot drive and I've moved my Home folder to an external RAID device.  I had a bad drive in the RAID and during the repair process, at one point after a reboot/login sequence, the RAID array was not ready so OS X created a fresh ~/Library directory on the boot drive.  After getting everything fixed I deleted that ~/Library and got everything point correctly and rebooted.  OS X started using my correct Home directory with the appropriate ~/Library directory.  All customization in the ~/Library were working as normal except for two items.  Previous shortcuts in the Finder window disappeared and Apple Watch login no longer works.  When I try to tick the checkbox in System Preferences/Security, I get the following response:

"Your Apple Watch must be signed in to iCloud to allow it to unlock your Mac."

However, all iCloud settings are completed.

So - I assume the Apple Watch security setting is somewhere in ~/Library and I probably just need to delete it and re-setup.  

Anybody know where that is?


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    sphericspheric Posts: 1,203member
    Unlocking with Apple Watch isn't working for me, either. 

    It says "Unlocking with Apple Watch" and then requires a password or Touch ID. 
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