Review: Apple's new wireless AirPods put a smile on 2016



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    "The case's round edges also mean you can throw in in your pocket with your phone and it won't scratch it up"

    I agree with 98% of this article. I just cannot bring myself to say that these "envelop" myself in sound. they are still magic.
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    techno said:
    Who has tried these in a cold (Eastern weather) climate? Does the performance suffer? What about battery life? I know when my iPhone is exposed in -13c or colder the battery suffers big time.
    I brought this up earlier. There were no answers but, as you fear, they will probably suffer. They have little to no protection from very cold temperatures and are very small. As this is a case of chemistry I wouldn't be optimistic. I would wait and see how they perform in the real world but the real test will be over a prolonged period and if they give up earlier than models used in more climatologically stable environments. I don't think it would be worth waiting a year for that info though. Better to check Apple's rated environmental limits,  see if you are within them and then check to see if the standard warranty covers battery alteration because when the batteries go on these you have to dump them.
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    Love my new AirPods but volume management via Siri is a bit of a pain. In fact, it's a bit of a Catch-22 in that in a noisy environment you may want to increase the volume in an environment where Siri is much more likely to fail. It would be nice if the AirPods had the option to use the built-in microphone (or the iPhone's microphone) to measure the ambient noise level and automatically increase and decrease the volume accordingly.
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    renaldorenaldo Posts: 4unconfirmed, member
    "And for someone whose knowledge is as all encompassing as mr dilgers, I'm surprised he got it wrong. I'm not sure who is trolling who here."

    Apparently a bit more encompassing than yours: Jobs referenced liberal arts on technology on a number of occasions, not just the quote you are referring to. As others have pointed out, your nitpicking comes across more as trolling than anything useful or substantive...
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    renaldorenaldo Posts: 4unconfirmed, member
    If you step back and look at what these AirPods represent in terms of technological progress, Daniel's narrative tone here resonates pretty strongly here and is not "fawning" or inaccurate. As with so many other Apple products, their core philosophy of simplicity and it "just works" has been applied to the concept of totally wireless headphones, and they're so successful with this effort that one's first use of them comes across as "magic". This is just what Jobs and Apple mean by the intersection of the arts and technology, and their general success in this is the main reason Apple is the most valuable brand in the world.

    Before the iPod, there were a lot of mp3 players out there that people really *wanted* to work, but they were ergonomically a buggy and kludgy mess. In one fell swoop the iPod transformed the whole category of digital music players. Ditto with the iPhone and, as Daniel implies, ditto with these wireless headphones. There are already a number of totally wireless headphones out there now--I've tried them and returned them because they most certainly did not "just work". With the AirPods Apple has significantly raised the bar in terms of what is possible.

    People respect Daniel's reviews and articles because he writes from this bigger perspective, and not just because of his (usually accurate) critical judgment.
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    marzetta7marzetta7 Posts: 1,320member
    Loving the positive reviews on this thread. I'm going to hold out on the iPhone 8 and maybe I'll get lucky and the AirPods will be paired up with it for a slightly higher price...
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    AppleInsider said: AirPods sound great, building upon Apple's experience in enhancing its iPod and iPhone-bundled earbuds from initially being minimally adequate to sounding quite impressive for their compact, light profile with the release of 2012's EarPods. There are some basic constraints of physics that limit how "audiophile" tiny earbuds can be, particularly in contrast to full-ear headphones or fully unconstrained studio speakers. For typical users, AirPods should be impressively adequate in sound quality. Depending on what you're listening to, it may improve things significantly to adjust your EQ settings. Oddly enough, there's no EQ settings or even bass or treble controls in the basic Music panel of Control Center (below) that appears when you flick up and over in iOS 10. It only presents basic playback controls, volume and an audio output selector.

    The lack of EQ settings is not good for people who have hearing deficiencies....probably 99% of us. I've discovered two apps, Mimi Hearing Test, and Mimi music. Used in conjunction, you can correct frequency deficiencies and hear the music you've been missing. I know, sounds like an ad, but it really works. The only downside is that is will only let you play iTunes music that you've purchased and downloaded, and is DRM-free. It will let you play premium Spotify music, however. I did the Mimi Hearing Test with wired EarPods and used the results (called an 'ear print') to play music through my AirPods. The results were VERY satisfying. Come on, Apple. Include some decent EQ settings in IOS and stop making us jump through so many hoops to listen to decent sound!
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    flipkal said:

    The lack of EQ settings is not good for people who have hearing deficiencies....
    Misunderstood. There is an EQ setting (Settings>Music>EQ), but what the article meant is, there is no EQ setting in the specific location he mentioned:  Music panel of Control Center (below) that appears when you flick up and over in iOS 10.

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    Just bought the AirPods.  Just one problem -- they don't stay in my ears.  Sitting, walking, reading my iPad, it doesn't matter.  Nothing is holding them in place.  I do not understand this design.  It was well known that the wired version did not work for many people, why would Apple go with this design?  Just lazy!  And by the way, I'm not an Apple hater.  I own just about every device they've made.  But lately they've been letting me down.
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    These things suck. They won't stay in my ear for more than 2 minutes before falling out....
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    sphericspheric Posts: 1,203member
    These things suck. They won't stay in my ear for more than 2 minutes before falling out....
    Bummer. Return them. 
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    JacobVRJacobVR Posts: 11member
    Have you used it in places where there is no or bad internet connectivity? Hearing reports that for example in subways(generally no connection) you cannot change the volume on the earpods themselves..
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