Apple's latest iPhone 7 Plus commercial showcases dual-lens 'Portrait' photo mode

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Apple on Saturday published a new ad highlighting Portrait mode, an iPhone 7 Plus exclusive feature that seamlessly blends image data from the handset's dual cameras to create artificial bokeh.

Titled "Take Mine," the spot revolves around a young woman returning home to her small Greek village armed with a new iPhone 7 Plus, in rose gold of course. Pulling the device out, navigating to the Camera app and selecting "Portrait," our heroine snaps a photo of her grandmother, who is duly impressed by the results.

From there Apple takes us on a whirlwind trip through town, with seemingly everyone wanting their picture taken with the new iPhone technology. From businessmen to fishermen, schoolgirls to shepherds, iPhone 7 Plus captures each with aplomb.

Actual Portrait Mode photos are sprinkled throughout the ad, showing off the feature's versatility and ability to capture an impressive depth-of-field effect with only a screen tap.

First announced during Apple's iPhone 7 reveal in September, Portrait Mode actually shipped to iPhone 7 Plus owners with iOS 10.1 in late October.

The hardware-specific function uses iPhone 7 Plus' wide angle and telephoto lenses, complex computer vision algorithms and depth mapping to create a series of image layers. With input from the user, the mode is able to sharpen certain layers, like those with a subject, and selectively unfocus others using a custom blur technique. The result is a creamy, yet natural, scene rendition with added bokeh.

Today's ad is part of Apple's "practically magic" iPhone commercial series which started with "Balloons" in September and continued in December with "Frankie's Holiday." The ads aim to tout iPhone 7's standout capabilities, the most important of which seem to involve the handset's camera system.


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    What a great commercial.
    NotsofastAnna w
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    Beautiful little village.  Anyone know what it is?
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    Love the new commercial location s to view people with no special effects added just genuine day to day people
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    flaneurflaneur Posts: 4,263member
    Anna w said:
    Love the new commercial location s to view people with no special effects added just genuine day to day people
    And almost every shot is beautiful if you pause the video anywhere. 
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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 1,277member


    Now I get it.

    A great ad.

    edited January 8
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 1,494moderator
    Brilliant advert. Its message really is, 'Have the best camera with you to capture the most precious moments of your life, when you travel.'  People will grok this subconsciously, and that'll go a long way in the minds of many in justifying the price of an iPhone.  Just think how the cost of a smartphone compares with the thousands upon thousands of dollars/euros/etc you spend on a vacation.  Apple is brilliant to relate the two in such an effective manner.  
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    I have never seen so many people who never had their picture taken. What an obnoxious ad. 
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    kamiltonkamilton Posts: 155member
    It's not about the camera.  It's about what the camera captures.  Love it.
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    I love how portrait mode works. It brings more attention to the person you are snapping in a way standard photos never did on the iPhone. I clicked the same person in the same setting with and without Portrait mode and the difference is really noticeable. It is a very nice addition to the camera.
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    sog35sog35 Posts: 11,631member
    I have never seen so many people who never had their picture taken. What an obnoxious ad. 
    bitter melon
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    Interesting how in almost every shot you can notice a bit of reflected light on the subject to the side, as if someone were holding a reflector for the shot (notice the difference between the video and the photo). In other words that bit of light isn't coming from the phone. It's not HDR either. But it shows the person taking the picture as normal...
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    The region is Mani Greece. Many picturesque villages you can discern as set of the commercial Limeni - Neo Itilo - Areopoli
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