Average iPhone price higher in US than many other countries, survey finds

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Americans are paying more for their iPhones than citizens of 38 other countries, according to a study into the average cost of electronics around the world, with a difference between the U.S. and the cheapest country's prices found to be more than $220.

According to research from Latin America retailer Linio, the US has the 39th cheapest average iPhone cost, $625.88, out of the 71 countries studied. By comparison, Canada is in 14th place with $555.25, the United Kingdom is ranked in 12th with $542.29, and Australia in 20th place with $574.50.

The cheapest location to buy an iPhone on the list is Angola, with an average iPhone price of $401.94, followed by Japan and China at $413.58 and $470.74 respectively.

It isn't entirely clear how each average price was compiled for the list, as the study doesn't specify if it is derived from all iPhone models available in each region, or if it is one model that is compared across the board. This is also true for other areas the survey covers, with some items being somewhat specific, such as an Apple Watch or a PlayStation 4, and others with a more generic type such as an "Android Phone" or a multifunction printer.

The retailer's commentary on the findings notes how taxes and inflation have a "huge influence" on each price. Middle East countries were considered the cheapest to buy hardware that, despite having a relatively high cost of living in the region, typically levy very low rates of sales tax on consumer products.

This influence is demonstrated clearly at the bottom of the list, with countries including Belarus and Venezuela suffering from high inflation and restrictions on importing goods. According to the survey, it costs $97,813.82 on average to acquire an iPhone in Venezuela, with a MacBook selling for in excess of $176,000.

Despite the high cost of an iPhone relative to other areas, the United States is placed 8th overall, taking into account the comparisons with other products. It ranks 21st for the average cost of a MacBook at $1,241.63, and is in 15th place for the Apple Watch, with an average price of $288.34.


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    At least for that inflated price we get the best phone, as opposed to healthcare where we pay the most, but get the worst care in the western world.
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    mike1mike1 Posts: 1,192member
    "It isn't entirely clear how each average price was compiled for the list, as the study doesn't specify if it is derived from all iPhone models available in each region, or if it is one model that is compared across the board."

    Without the methodology detailed, this just wastes everybody's time.
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    This is false news. I'm from India, and the average cost of an iPhone is greater than $800. An iPhone retails for Rs 60000 on an average, and consider an exchange rate of Rs 60 - $ 1
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    erwinmemerwinmem Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    I'm from Guatemala and the numbers are true if you buy it form the official reseller, but there are other stores where they sell refurbished or used ones where you can get them cheaper.
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    linkmanlinkman Posts: 565member
    Wow, sneak 30 or so iPhones into Venezuela and sell them and you are set for life. As long as you don't get caught...
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    ppietrappietra Posts: 160member
    The interpretation that Appleinsider is doing makes no sense. Finland has one of the highest official retail prices in Europe and yet you think it is one of cheapest countries in the world. These numbers reflect what models people choose to buy in each country, it says very little about where it is cheaper to buy an iPhone.
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    This is entirely bogus. Perhaps it just means people in Angola buy more iPhone SE units, or even used 4Ss.
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    Probably doesn't adjust for taxes either.
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    sog35sog35 Posts: 12,387member
    $400 in Japan?  Total and utter bullshit
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    evilutionevilution Posts: 1,126member
    UK pays a lot more for Apple products than the US. So this report is utter bullshit.
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    This makes no sense. In India, I paid ~$1350 for the 7 Plus 256GB. Even subtracting the 30% import duty, the phone works out to ~$1000.

    That is slightly more than a SIM Free iPhone in the US, which is $969.

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