Apple issues fourth macOS Sierra beta, second update in less than a week

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Apple on Thursday updated its beta macOS for the second time in a week, and has made the fourth beta of macOS Sierra available to developers for evaluation and testing.

The previous batch for all of Apple's platforms was provided to developers on Monday and shortly thereafter to the public.. The releases were made public shortly after the developer release.

It's not clear what changes are in the upcoming releases, though they are likely to focus solely on maintenance. Release notes from Apple mention "stability, compatibility and security" improvements, and no specific focus areas for testers.

The first two developer betas were released in December.


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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 11,948member
    Apple really needs to work on software stability.  Hopefully these betas will help them resolve the problems they are having before the bext stable release.  
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    Anyone else having iCloud sync problems??
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 16,191member
    dotsme said:
    Anyone else having iCloud sync problems??
    Nope.  Not had any noticeable iCloud or any other issues with either of this week's updates.  I'm testing on 2010 MBP i7 15", 2013 MacPro 6 Core, 2014 mac Mini and 2016 MBA.  Using all Apple networking gear and a 75 Mb up and down internet feed.  

    I have had one issue with Sierra (public release as well as developer betas) all along which is;  using dual monitors on the 6 core Mac Pro, dragging Photoshop 17 files from open Finder in screen 2 onto PS icon in dock on screen 1 to open them. This works for an hour or so then they suddenly fail to open and all Finder icon updates fail at that point, until a Finder forced quit, then it works again.  Very weird and I half suspect it might be in part an Adobe problem?
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    applejimapplejim Posts: 21member
    With the recent update of Sierra 10.12.3, I have to enter my credentials twice when booting up my  MacBook Air. Anyone else having this issue?
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