AppleInsider podcast talks about Apple and culture change, plus iPad rumors

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor, Dan, and Mikey talk about whether the corporate culture at Apple is changing to one that has more difficulty innovating. We also tackle the latest rumors about iPads and Apple Pencil.

AppleInsider editors Daniel Eran Dilger, Mikey Campbell and Victor Marks talk about:
  • Former Apple engineer says company more rigid, less competitive
  • Google struggling to meet consumer demand for Pixel, Pixel XL
  • Rumor: Apple's trio of new iPads may not launch until second half of 2017
  • Rumor: Apple Pencil 2 coming this spring with magnets to attach to iPad, plus pocket clip
  • Class-action suit demands Apple add lock-out system to iPhone to prevent texting while driving
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    sog35sog35 Posts: 12,367member
    Dan is the Man.
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    flaneurflaneur Posts: 4,348member
    Good, something to listen to today. Nothing else is on that I want to hear about.
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    Always enjoy hearing this podcast! Especially Dan's take on things. Good job, guys. :)
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    I'm sure some of what we're seeing is the result of Apple getting so huge. One of my friends always used to say... big company = stupid.

    But, IMO, a bit part of the problem is that their priorities seem to have changed from UX being job #1, to being more profit and marketing driven. They also seem to be following more 'tech industry wisdom' than forging their own path. They remind me a bit of the '90s Apple, just with a lot more cash in the bank and top brand recognition.

    It isn't so much the hardware that concerns me, but the software. While iOS has more features now, I think it was better back around iOS 6 in terms of quality and UX. Same for macOS. The quality has gone downhill considerably, and they've destroyed so many of the core apps that once made a nice eco-system. And, (while the integration is welcomed) it's like the app teams between iOS and macOS don't ever communicate.
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