macOS 10.12.3 fixes

in Mac OS X
Hey guys.

  1. Why isn’t the Safari bug fix which was the cause of the inconsistent battery life in MBP 16 not addressed in the updates list? (pic attached)
  2. I’ve done battery life test in my 2016 MBP in 10.12.2 for a continuous moderate-heavy web browsing session throughout which yielded unacceptable battery life for me. I don’t want to do the same thing again, it’s tiring. Is there something like an automated web browser test which repeatedly loads uncached websites to get a new estimate of the battery with the update similar to something what ConusmerReports did as in the attached pic? 
  3. Is this update gonna give any improvement for my classy 2015 rMBP which is already on 10.12.2 with Safari?

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