iTunes Home Sharing - 4th gen AppleTVs won't see shared library

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To set the scene, I have two laptops in play. An old early 2008 MBP as up-to-date as possible (10.11), and a new touch bar MBP also up-to-date (10.12). I have iTunes Home Sharing turned on with both of these laptops, and both can see the other. If I turn home sharing off on one, I lose the connection on the other (as expected).

I also have two 4th gen AppleTV's, which are also up-to-date. This is where it gets weird though. If I open the Computers app on either AppleTV, I can see my new MBP's library perfectly. If I close iTunes it goes away as expected. If I turn home sharing off (but iTunes open) still shows up. I can not, however, see my 2008 MBP's library from either AppleTV no matter what I do.

I have verified all are using the same AppleID. I have signed out and back in for each device. I have restarted each device. I have disabled/enabled home sharing on everything. I only have 3 authorized computers on my account. So I know home sharing itself works, as I can see it from my other laptop. The issue seems to be how the AppleTVs are using home sharing.

Anyone else having a similar issue?


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    Are you up to date with the current iTunes on both?
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    Yes, all software on all devices have the most up-to-date software available.
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    Huh. I got nothing. Haven't seen this particular problem.
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    Well I think I'm just dumb. So I know I enabled Home Sharing at least in part, by choosing the option to share the library in preferences. Since I could see it from my other laptop, I assumed it was on.

    I updated all of my devices Monday when all the new OS updates were released (along with iTunes from last week). However, the same behavior. I could see Home Sharing from my laptop, but no iOS or tvOS devices.

    I then reset my iTunes library, by renaming the .itl and .xml files. Opened it up to a new library, and same behavior. This time however I went to the menu, Home Sharing, and Turn on Home Sharing. From there I could see it from all devices. I then renamed my original library files back, and it continued to work.

    Unless reseting my iTunes library defaulted the setting, I only had it half on. There must be an iTunes bug that was allowing my other laptop to see the library share, even though it wasn't fully turned on.

    User error....I really hate admitting that....
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