iTunes Home Sharing - 4th gen AppleTVs won't see shared library

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To set the scene, I have two laptops in play. An old early 2008 MBP as up-to-date as possible (10.11), and a new touch bar MBP also up-to-date (10.12). I have iTunes Home Sharing turned on with both of these laptops, and both can see the other. If I turn home sharing off on one, I lose the connection on the other (as expected).

I also have two 4th gen AppleTV's, which are also up-to-date. This is where it gets weird though. If I open the Computers app on either AppleTV, I can see my new MBP's library perfectly. If I close iTunes it goes away as expected. If I turn home sharing off (but iTunes open) still shows up. I can not, however, see my 2008 MBP's library from either AppleTV no matter what I do.

I have verified all are using the same AppleID. I have signed out and back in for each device. I have restarted each device. I have disabled/enabled home sharing on everything. I only have 3 authorized computers on my account. So I know home sharing itself works, as I can see it from my other laptop. The issue seems to be how the AppleTVs are using home sharing.

Anyone else having a similar issue?


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