The Buck stops at . . . its the 'Lawyer's fault'!

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Bush is now blaming the sluggish economy on trail lawyers!?!?!?!


How can this guy be such a blatant fabulator and still get even one forth of the votes that he has?!

He tries to kill two birds . . . pass the buck and slander lawyers and Edwards too.


Bush, [ . . . ] said "junk lawsuits" hinder job creation and cost the economy more than $230 billion a year.


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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member

    "W stands for wrong the wrong direction for America."

    Couldn't ABC get the quote right, at least?

    "Wrong the wrong?"

    Stick a semicolon or period or comma in there-- whatever. The forcefulness of the quote is just ruined.
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    Like those eevil class action suits against campaign-contributing CEO friends like Ken Lay.
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    Teflon president.
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    northgatenorthgate Posts: 4,461member
    It started at the convention. It started subtly. A casual jab at trial lawyers. Then a more direct jab at trial lawyers and blaming them for rising medical costs.

    Watch. Wait. Learn.

    Within a week or two you will see them slowly connect the "trial laywers" dots to "John Edwards"...

    Trial Lawyers = arbitrate cases against insurance companies = root cause of economic trouble = anti-american evidoers = John Edwards will destroy our nation.

    I noticed it starting with Dick "Go F*ck Yerself" Cheney's convention speech. It was quickly repeated by Bush the next day. It now is a standard part of his stump speech. They're very good at innuendo and quasi-slander.

    Very good.

    Starting probably late this week or early next week the rabid babbleheads for the GOP will start yapping about how trial lawyers have destroyed the very fabric of our nation and that the bonds of family (or some silly inference) are at the crossroads during this election.
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    northgatenorthgate Posts: 4,461member
    Incidentally, Bush's hand-picked Senate candidate in Florida, Mel Martinez, is a trial lawyer.
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,052member
    I think it has been everything but subtle!

    They were outright blaming lawsuits on everything and anything!!

    it'll just get worse from here . . . hpefully ordiary lawyers, or teh 4 of 6 (I think it was) trial Lawyers who are Republican will wise up to the shiite!
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