2008 canidates

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So who should the two parties be grooming for 2008?







2004 also rans



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    marcukmarcuk Posts: 4,442member
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    spcmsspcms Posts: 407member
    Condoleeza (VP) vs. Hillary (P) == catfight!!!
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    I could live with McCain. Arnold is way better then Giuliani though.

    Hillary seems possible, Obama would be best. I have to say, I love Gov. Rendell, he is the man.

    I think edwards my try again, but I don't think he'll make it.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    Obama would still be too green in 2008. IMO it would be best for him to run for governor of Illinois and then try for a higher office.
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    spcmsspcms Posts: 407member
    I suppose a Hillary-Obama ticket has not enough white christian males to stand a chance given the current state of the US? (i tried to put that as politely as possible)
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 16,574member

    Originally posted by ast3r3x

    I could live with McCain. Arnold is way better then Giuliani though.

    Hillary seems possible, Obama would be best. I have to say, I love Gov. Rendell, he is the man.

    I think edwards my try again, but I don't think he'll make it.

    Rendell is horrible. I know...I voted for him.
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    iposteriposter Posts: 1,560member
    Three words:

    Jesse Ventura, Independent


    It doesn?t matter who is in charge, Democrats or Republicans. The end justifies the means. Want to break the iron grip these two parties have on our politics? Good luck. Last week, the Presidential Debates Commission announced the schedule for next year?s debates. What a joke. This commission hijacked from the League of Women Voters by Republican and Democratic hacks is about as fair as the Globetrotters against the Washington generals. Their goal-keep any viable third party candidate out of the debates. All this in a country where polls indicate there are more independents than Democrats or Republicans. Why, I ask, do we let the minority rule?"


    "We?re getting to the campaign season, which is a time of year when I tend to get upset with Democrats and Republicans. I often refer to campaign years as open season for bribery. Al, you know, the definition in the paper of bribery, or in the dictionary, is giving something of value to someone in power in hopes of influencing their decision. We have an entire Democratic/Republican political system based upon bribery. If you did it in the private sector, you would be arrested and put in jail, but in the public sector, it?s the status quo. How do we stop this?"


    During an interview with the Associated Press, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura hinted that he's toying with the idea of running as an Independent for the presidency in 2008.

    "No party, no nothing," he told the AP, adding that his campaign message would be, "Elect someone who truly is not controlled by special-interest money. With me, you would get a true check and balance."

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    Clearly Hillary is not going to run.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Anyone who would ensure the rights of the individual over religion and other forms of opression.




    Hell even Cheney (if he promise not to invade any countries)
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    Arny cannot run.

    Depending on which way the Republicans go, McCain probably wouldn't win.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    At work we thought it would be funny to have a Schwartzenegger vs Granholm in 2008
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    McCain/Guilianni 2008
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    Originally posted by applenut

    McCain/Guilianni 2008

    That is like saying Big Bird/Barney...
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    slugheadslughead Posts: 1,169member
    what about the libertarians?

    we've got nowhere to go but up!
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member

    Originally posted by hardeeharhar

    Arny cannot run.

    Even as the Founding Fathers did not know that they were preventing this doofus from running, I thank them anyways.
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    I'm guessing Edwards.
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    McCain will be 72 in 2008. I love the guy, but even Reagan was only 69 when he was sworn in.

    Guiliani is clearly gearing up for a run at something. He and Pataki may challenge Hillary in '06, and if either/both doesn't win they might go for Pres in '08. I really suspect Jeb will run - he can't stay Gov forever, right? Probably several Rep Senators, too - I've heard rumors about Santorum and Frist, and I could see guys like Hagel or Lugar making Graham-esque runs at it. Maybe Ashcroft, unless he goes to the SC first.

    On the Dem side, I think it all depends on how the next four years go. I could easily see Dean making a re-run in 2008, if Dems get to feeling the same way about him that Reps did about Reagan in '76. It'll probably be too soon for Obama, and I just can't imagine Hillary seriously believing she could be elected (nor, I hope, Edwards). Otherwise, I think people will spring up to match the times and the mood of the party - the way Dean and Clark did this time around. There's a whole stable of Govs, including a bunch in the South, to draw on. And a bunch of ambitious Senators - like Corzine or Schumer, if they don't get bogged down as Govs.
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    i think, despite his age, mccain would want one last go of it. but i don't think the party wants him to. i think he'd win in the biggest landslide ever.

    obama will still be way too green in 2008, but i think he's got a great message about him.

    hilary needs to stay right where she is for a while.

    guiliani's a joke.

    i would not be surprised to see an effort to amend the rules to allow arnold to run, perhaps by 2012 (after a few more congressional and senate seats go in the republican camp).

    edwards is like the cheshire cat... all smile, then just kinda disappears after a while.

    dean still has that "you blew it" cloud hanging over him.

    would, god help me, delay ever run for the big chair? something tells me he can enact way more of his agenda in his current seat, but he has incredibly strong beliefs, and feels its his duty to protect america from the liberal wing.

    i really liked clark as a person, but he just did not know how to be a politician.

    and please stop putting the bush family in office. i swear, we look more like an aristocracy with each passing generation...

    and be on the lookout for new senator from louisiana, david vitter, in 2012 or 16. he destroyed six other candidates to take the senate seat as a republican for the first time since reconstruction here.
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    midwintermidwinter Posts: 10,060member
    Mark Warner, maybe?
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member

    Originally posted by midwinter

    Mark Warner, maybe?

    Yea maybe.
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