G8 Rumours

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
OK, get this. My uncle works for the U.N., so he brought Kofi Annan around to our place for a barbeque last weekend, you know, just to show off. I tell ya, that Kofi sure knows how to have fun! We all got stoned on Peyote and Wild Turkey, and then all the stories began.

We pumped him for information on the G8. Despite being totally wasted, he paused for a moment, looked around and lowered his voice. He told us that the G8 is a gathering of large industrial nations including the USA. It used to be just the G7, but when they added Russia the marketing people insisted on calling it the G8 even though it wasn't completely up to the New World Order specification that the G8 was originally supposed to meet.

At the time I was too far gone to think much of it, but now as I nurse my hangover I feel bittersweet about the whole deal. Sure, I'll be right at the head of the line to buy a G8 when they come out, but I was really hoping that it was going to meet the NWO spec that everyone's been talking about. But that's competition for you. You've got to maintain mindshare against the likes of the OECD, OPEC and all the others, so I suppose we'll just have to wait a little longer for the real deal.


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