Will iPhone support Garmin Mobile GPS?

in iPhone edited January 2014
Does anyone know if the iPhone will be compatible with the Garmin mobile GPS system? I was planning on buying a garmin navigator for my car, and an iPhone, then I thought, man I hope I can just get both in the same device!

This would be a great deal for both companies.


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    elronelron Posts: 126member
    I don't believe the iPhone has GPS, if that's what you're asking. If the Garmin mobile GPS system uses bluetooth, I suppose it might be possible for it to interact with the iPhone, but why?
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    Garmin mobile is software for smart phones that can be put on most major brands that exist currently. They have partnerships with Sprint right now to add the service to your phone for ~10 bucks a month. Apple has said they will be very controlling with what software can be put on their phone, but I hope that the best of breed GPS service will be somethign that is OK.


    In my opinion this would have blown the crap out of google maps, and should have been included to begin with GOOGLE MAPS SUCK.
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