Help! Kernel Panics after iTunes update!

in Mac OS X edited January 2014
Ok, im not 100% sure that iTunes is the culprit, but ever since i ran the sw updater and updated itunes 2.0.3, i have had 4 kernel panics in one day vs 0 ever since i owned my 867. it seems to happen like this. I click on my applications folder in the dock, while browsing through the folders, it just stops like its waiting for the hd to spin up, but i takes about a minute for the pop up folders to go away, within 5 min. after that, i get a kernel panic. has anyone else noticed this? if itunes 2.0.3 is the problem, is this fixable w/o having to reinstall os x?


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    tontontonton Posts: 14,067member
    Bizarre! I've been using OS X about 30% of the time for two months, and yesterday I got my first kernel panic ever. The culprit? iTunes 2.0.3.

    I clicked on "update Ben's iPod" while I was changing EQ settings for my entire library.
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    ive been using os x 99.5%(gota play diablo 2 in os9 and never ever had one until now, does apple know about this? or how can i submit it to them?
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    Last time I had one is when I deleted my library and restarted. That was three months ago or so. Never had any other in 10.1.
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