The Worst President in History?



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    Originally Posted by Bergermeister View Post

    SDW: In this thread and another, you have referred to several people as asses. Your opinion is moot when you stoop to such childish levels. Then you call me possibly mentally ill. I really doubt that, but then, if it were true, I wouldn't know! Ha! Heh heh! Might be true!

    Grow up, SDW, and please refrain from calling people asses unless you wish to appear like one yourself.


    A freedom I have lost is to be able to fly home with my wife and not have her fingerprinted at the airport like a criminal. A freedom I have lost is to have my wife treated with respect - rather than as a potential threat - at the US Embassy in Tokyo; the last time we were there it was so horrid that she never wants to visit the US, and I agreed with her reasons. A freedom that I have lost is to have my bank accounts in Japan not supervised by the US government; that's right: I am required by law to submit to the US government all details of my bank accounts (even the joint ones held with my wife who is Japanese) in Japan where I am a permanent resident or risk $500,000 in fines and a five year jail term because I would be considered a potential terrorist supporter. Who knows what the government is doing with that info. A freedom I have lost is the ability to choose my own life; the US Embassy tried rather strongly to get me to move back to the US (perhaps because then I would not be tax-exempt), and told me in not so vague language that it was un-American of me to want to live abroad, much less change my nationality (which I am considering strongly). I've aslo lost the freedomg to live in peace without the fear the the US will attack the country I live in based on concocted information to achieve its own ends.

    Kidnapping: Shall we discuss the CIA flights around Europe? I will not shut up about those. If I do or have to, I will have lost another freedom.

    "We do what's possible..."? Are you a commanding officer? How many innocents have been killed? Compare it to Bin Laden, if you desire. It is a much higher figure, and still climbing.

    The Constitution. Well, we have been through that before (most of what I have said here has been sid before, but you refuse to accept any of it; typical SDW technique: act like you have never seen the idea put forth before).

    Bin Laden is destroying the US because people like you have chosen to allow him to, without firing another shot. The US is self-destructing at a rapid pace and OBL is probably laughing his head off. Bush, on the other hand, has created an image of an illiterate, snobby, impromptu-gung-ho, all-be-damned nation that will use military force to coerce others to its thinking without respect for international law.

    I have tried to tell him this before. The terrorists got exactly what they wanted because they knew how Bush would react.

    However SDW ( being a blind Bush supporter ) just doesn't get it.
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    Originally Posted by jimmac View Post

    I have tried to tell him this before. The terrorists got exactly what they wanted because they knew how Bush would react.

    However SDW ( being a blind Bush supporter ) just doesn't get it.

    Uh..what did they want, exactly? Let's see...they wanted to destroy our economy. Hmm...that didn't go so well. Do you see tanks rolling through the streets? Are you not allowed to criticize the government's policies any longer? Seriously...where is this fascism you speak of? I can only assume that's what you mean.

    Oh, and I am certainly not a "blind bush supporter," though I'm not sure I should even engage in defending myself on that point. I'm just not blinded by utter hatred for the man. I actually agree with a good portion of what he's done. I also disagree on several issues. I've listed them before. You won't care about that though, because as usual you're too busy painting me and/or bombing the thread of with irrelevant links, to avoid actually supporting anything you say.
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