LTE iPhone pushed to 2012; China Mobile may get iPhone in September



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    eriamjheriamjh Posts: 1,006member
    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    So while LTE has the potential to homogenize carriers it won't really happen for a good 3-4 years

    So it could, but it won't. Eventually, they'll switch over.

    I'd say at least 6-8 years longer. Old networks die hard.
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    nijiniji Posts: 286member
    is LTE compatible with TD-SCMA?

    if yes, then this story has some remote chance of being accurate.

    apple would not build a separate model just for China Mobile until much later in the iPhone brand maturity - apple wont ignore a pool of 600 million users, but it doesnt jump at any opportunity that entails rolling out a separate SKU until it has maximised current version potential.
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    rtm135rtm135 Posts: 310member
    Sweet. Now I don't have to ebay my iPhone 4 this fall.
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    Originally Posted by diorfl21 View Post

    Apple is saying China will now own things before Americans yet you are still developing the initial prototypes in Cali. This is the start of us working for China .... It's really creepy to see but as an apple customer I would like to see more of the products mass produced in the US and bringing jobs back home instead of outsourcing everything to Thailand and China and forcing me to wait for pre orders to be shipped from China.

    But then the iPhone will cost 4x the amount we pay now due to a moderate increase in labor cost. And I'm pretty sure those who make the phones here would want health benefits and 401(k)s
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