2011 iPad 2 shipment forecast cut to 40M as Apple faces 'the mother of all backlogs'



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    hmm888hmm888 Posts: 16member
    This is really interesting info. I would like to get the iPad 2. Why doesn't Apple USA do what Apple Canada does:

    In Canada your register at the Apple Canada Store online at specific time and at at that time you're told whether or not you can get the item. The next day, you walk into the Apple Store and pick up the iPad. I was told that it's pretty common to have adequate stock using this method.

    Why doesnt the US Apple Stores use this method? Now, the only two ways you can get the iPad2 is to order it onine and wait two + weeks or wait in line early in the AM to maybe get the iPad.
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    patlompatlom Posts: 1member
    I am another customer of Apple and I can confirm that in my country, we have to make order, pay money and wait about 1-2 weeks to get it. By the way after everybody got his Items, nobody complain any single word. Now a lot of accessories shop for Apple are blooming. I do hope Apple will keep continue making a quality products, and I will always be your customer.

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