AirPort-compatible .11n card for Power Mac G5

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all,

I recently bought a PCI-E wireless card for my Power Mac G5 (Late 2005)... It was really cheap from Hong Kong and required drivers to be installed to run. The slight annoyance with it is that it isn't recognized as an AirPort card (although it was advertised with the word "AirPort" - naughty)... When it boots up it auto-launches this really horrible control software... The AirPort menu item just says "not connected" and everything has to be done through this utility. The connection once established though seems to be okay.

I was expecting better though, and so I'm still on the hunt for a proper AIRPORT-COMPATIBLE card (one that the system recognizes as AirPort) so I can boot my computer up remotely and not have to worry about all this utility nonsense. I bought a normal PCI card one a few years ago for my G4, but that one won't fit and it's only 11g. I guess my other option is to hunt down a AirPort Extreme inc Bluetooth card that fits in the internal slot, but I'm guessing those only go up to 11g also.

Does anyone know of any proper 11n AirPort-compatible PCI-E cards I can buy for my old PM G5? If I can get one then I'd return this one on the grounds it's not as advertised.




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