Apple rumored to launch iPhone 5 Oct. 14 in US, UK, France, Germany & Japan



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    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

    I'm a little disappointed with the trolls... must be too early for them.

    Where are all the posts saying that Apple is having problems and having to push back the release date.

    Well typically 10 or so days is about the time between the announcement of a new model and its street date. So announcing on Oct 4th and releasing on the 14th makes perfect sense. The trolls don't have much fodder here.
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    Originally Posted by noexpectations View Post

    Yes, it's the iToaster. White model is delayed (manufacturing problem I think).

    White, $.69

    Wheat, $.99

    Whole Grain, $1.29

    Now that was funny! Toppings of course cost more...

    Grape jam .15

    Strawberry .15

    Butter .15
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    I'd like to see AI webstats for the past few weeks. I keep refreshing the home page in the hopes of seeing that bold red article declaring that invites went out.
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    Nothing to see here. Please move along...

    The number of these non-stories has reached the level of absurdity. I couldn't even bring myself to read the article after looking at the title. I mainly just come here to check the headlines now to see if there is anything "fact-based" that is worth reading.
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    Thanks for confirming the dates. This is great news for consumers.
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Hoping iOS for iPad drops the same day. I'm really glad that iPad 1 is supported this time around. I did not install the beta on mine since it is the only one in the house, but looking forward to the final release.

    Last time they did it "same day", it brought the apple servers to their knees, and stores were having a hard time activating new phones. I suspect the iOS release will be a couple of days before or after the release of the new phones.
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    Originally Posted by DJinTX View Post

    Well, if this is what happens, then Apple will have clearly figured out how to make time travel possible. I just wonder if Sony will be able to sue...

    Hey, you have 420 posts. 420, he he he
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    Originally Posted by msuberly View Post

    What about the release of iOS 5, for those of us that don't need a new phone?

    I'd guess 11 Oct so it's deployed to most of the early adopters before the next iPhone arrives.

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    Now that was funny! Toppings of course cost more...

    Grape jam .15

    Strawberry .15

    Butter .15

    Hmm we don't really do grape as a flavour in the UK, perhaps some more international options?! :-)
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