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    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    Handbrake, handbrake, handbrake. For the previous step, "ripping",etc. just go to doom9 dot org if you are hardcore into that kind of stuff.


    you play the dvd first, go to handbrake (title) to see which title is playing (they have a lot of dummy titles on dvd's)

    has presets for atv and it sets the appropriate settings, simple and even its dock icon shows progress bar so you can keep it working in background

    just simple wonderful and works
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    Originally Posted by herbapou View Post

    If your doing DvD's the best thing is to convert to .m4v files using AppleTV settings. Since DvD resolution is lower than AppleTV, you wont degrade quality. On the other hand I would still do 720p or 1080p bluray conversion since the new appleTV will support 1080p

    The big plus with .m4v files is it can hold movie information and images (metadata). You can use programs like Identify for Mac to automaticly lookup the information.

    Is the new one out yet?

    I've been meaning (but forgetting) to pick up an Apple TV so my kids won't muck up the iPad at 4-5am while I try to get another half hour of sleep.

    1080p support removes my last nagging concern!
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    Originally Posted by rezwits View Post

    VisualHub VisualHub VisualHub

    I still love that program, but it's been deprecated.

    So, I just use Handbrake and use the Built-In Apple TV presets. But I use MDRP to rip everything and then do batch encoding's when ripping multiple features, as ripping then bulk encoding is easier (to me at least), than letting HB do both ripping and converting.
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    Originally Posted by Anthony88 View Post

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