Apple reportedly squeezing supplier to stop building MacBook Air clones from Asus



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    1 word. Detroit. think about it. buy up a fab from the auto makers.

    Oh boy...we are delving into politics now.

    American manufacturers cannot compete with prices that are pushed artificially low by a country that manipulates its currency and other economic factors to ensure it has the cheapest labor in the world.

    No major consumer tech will ever be manufactured in the US as long as our politicians allow China to continue their current practices. The deals companies get in China are RIDICULOUS and artificial. Business will enjoy the free-ride as long as they can, and I don't blame them. Once your competitors move their manufacturing, you must adapt or die.

    It is not a red or blue issue. It is common sense. It is one of the few issues where the hard left and hard right see eye to eye, but Congress continues to ignore the issue (probably because China owns us).

    One last thing...

    I live in a town that used to be the heart of furniture manufacturing in this country. Only a remnant of that manufacturing exists here now. Recently, I was informed by a plant controller here that trees where cut down in a nearby county, wood was shipped to China, parts were made overseas, shipped back to the US, and, finally, the US plant put the furniture together using the parts made in China from that local, US wood.

    It is hard to believe that was all cheaper than having a work force in America to manufacture the product from beginning to end. But it was.
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    mikeb85mikeb85 Posts: 506member

    Apple doesn't need to bother with these lawsuits.  Asus doesn't compete with Apple because Asus sells Windows machines.  If someone wants a Mac OS-X system, they'll buy one. 


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    Originally Posted by Mikeb85 View Post

    Asus doesn't compete with Apple because Asus sells Windows machines.


    So much wrong here. I don't know where to begin.

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    mikeb85mikeb85 Posts: 506member


    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    So much wrong here. I don't know where to begin.


    Asus competes with Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, etc...  Not with Apple.  Anyone who's ever used Windows, who knows the slightest thing about Macs, knows that the former are all commodity producers who make Windows machines, and that Apple makes OS-X products also known as Macs - which are entirely exclusive to Apple.  If someone wants to be in the Mac ecosystem, they'll buy a Mac (especially considering the Asus machine is about the same price as a Macbook Air).  Mac vs. PC isn't just about comparative shopping to see 'which is better', it's a fundamental difference, much like riding a motorcycle is different from driving a car which is different from having a truck.  


    I think of myself as a good example - I need a good 'business ready' machine which is solid, portable, and runs without issues (I'm hoping to pick up an Ivy Bridge MacBook Air).  My home machine is a Linux box, but Linux sucks on laptops, so am I going to go Windows, or the Unix-compliant OS-X?  There is no competition, nothing the Asus provides will suit my needs (a problem-free UNIX laptop), no matter how well they build it, because it's a fundamental difference.  


    This is why Apple is so successful - not because they compete in the same sphere as others, but because they create their own market where no one else can compete...  Apple's sales depend solely on how far that market expands.  

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    Originally Posted by Quick View Post

    As long as we have pixel-based screens, resolution independent GUIs make no sense.

    Following your logic I extend it based on actual human physiology:


    You have discrete signal element eyes (pixel like resolution from rods and cones) so resolution independent anything visually makes no sense. You have digital ears, so analog music makes no sense. Might as well just provide both in maximally scaled digital formats.



    Apparently your lack of sensory physiology knowledge left your butt hanging in the breeze.  Want to try again?


    Resolution independence makes sense once individual pixels can be made indistinguishable at a the natural viewing distance for the ficticious "standard 20-20 eye".  At lower resolutions, no it didn't male sense.  Which is why Apple has had resolution independent APIs for about 5 years, but has not pushed it for actual developer use until iPhone 4.

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