Apple's surging valuation distorting stock market indexes



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    Problem with selling when it's high and then planning to buy back, is if you don't time it right, it could drive you mad. Not only that, but just trying to time it right could drive you mad. Think about anyone who did that during its run up this month! I have a friend who sold in the $440's and clearly has missed out on a buying opportunity. It takes some stomach to trade Apple Stock for profit, but it's very doable, as it does move reasonably "predictably" SOMETIMES, but sometimes it will act erratically then convince you it's doing something, forcing you into a sucker sell/buy, and then do the exact opposite. I wouldn't be surprised that if there was a "Chart" showing so, Apple's best profiters would be those who just held the Stock, while those who tried to trade its ups and downs would range from those who made tons of money, and those who lost or missed out on lots as well.
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