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    New player in the Mac CRM market announced yesterday.
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    Can anyone suggest any affordable web apps that do project management, CRM, and billing?
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    Originally Posted by haljordan5 View Post

    Can anyone suggest any affordable web apps that do project management, CRM, and billing?

    In my experience, web apps seem to be built primarily for larger organizations, and it's hard to find cost-effective apps for the SOHO market.

    The only desktop app I know of that is well regarded and does all three areas you mention is Studiometry.
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    Okay, so Filemaker has introduced a Contact and Customer Manager template for Bento 3.

    It beats me as to why they'd work on a CRM template with Opportunity Management for their $50. database, when their professional product doesn't have one yet.

    From reading the comments, it appears that Bento can't print letters or envelopes. What?
  • I've looked at Daylite, SugarCRM, and others and have picked Daylite. There are some that don't do as much, and some that do a lot more (like sugarcrm). Daylite works best since I'm an independent financial advisor and not General Motors, and not a by-hour contract worker/consultant. You really need to look at each solution to see what best fits your business. I took 3 full days and evaluate 5 solutions before picking Daylite. There have been a number of Mac CRM companies come and go, another reason I choose Marketcircle's Daylite, it's not a one man shop.

    ElementsCRM is a Mac-centric desktop/web CRM -- too big for me (like sugarcrm) but great for small businesses

    Best of luck!
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    There are only four hours left in the MacUpdate Promo to get Contactizer Pro for half price.
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    Look at

    Atollon just released newest generation CRM solution for (not only) Mac OS X. It includes smart tasks, project management & collaboration, groupware tools, incl. integrated e-mail & more.
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    I Would like to suggest Azor.

    A multi user, push application for Windows Mac & iOS (iPhone, iPad)

    Some modules in Azor:

    - Project Management

    - Document Management

    - HRM

    - CRM

    - Statistics

    Has been a real help for me.

    more info on:

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    Azor looks interesting, but I'll need an English version of the site to try it out.
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    Does anyone here use Jumsoft's Relationship? Any reviews?
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    Has anyone here used Pipejump? Any opinions?
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    Another one to look at

    Based on FileMaker, built by these developers
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    Weird. I thought this was Nutshell CRM.
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    A good forum always comes-up with new and exciting information and specially topics related CRM.

    So thanks for sharing the information.
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    Marketcircle's Daylite, which I have previously dismissed for having a seriously outdated interface, has been upgraded to version 4.

    It now has a much more modern look and a Sidebar-style interface.


    Word on the Net seems to be that it was rushed to beat the June deadline for sandboxing, and as a result, users are reporting higher than normal bouts of crashing.


    Oddly, Macworld hasn't done a single story on the new release. Since Daylite is the really the only Sales CRM game in town on the Mac platform, one would expect MacWorld to do a 'First Look' and then follow up with a complete review. This may speak to the idea that the release is known to be a bit shaky, and MW is waiting for a maintenance release before diving in.

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    FileMaker could be a solution. There are plenty free filemaker templates to use as a fundament.

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