Apple looking to improve water sensors for detecting iPhone damage



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    It's good to see the wise folks at Apple are using some of its $100B cash surplus to find better ways to justify denying a few customers warranty service.

    No doubt doing so is more profitable than building water-resistant electronics. After all, it's not like human beings routinely have liquids in our environments, or that it would be reasonable to expect an expensive, all-purpose, general-use device whose portability is its major selling point to be able to cope with a little water.
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    Originally Posted by Chris_CA View Post

    This is in incorrect.

    It allows the technicians to see if the device was exposed to water.

    It does nothing to indicate if the water caused the damage.

    It is simply an easier way to void the the warranty for the device manufacturer.

    Confirmed. Apple personnel routinely refuse to further examine any device the sensor of which shows it was exposed to moisture. They make no attempt to determine if a failure is in any way related to moisture.

    They also get all Stepfordy when one stands beneath a huge in-store ad of someone dancing like cardiac arrest with an iPod, and waves one's own sweat-devastaed toy while pointing out the irony of the fact that the gadget's response to a little water resembles that of the Wicked Witch of the West.

    I particularly love the 4S ad of the ruggedly handsome, deliciously fit plutocrat running along San Francisco's Embarcadero while instructing his 4S on how to manage his busy-but-oh-so-gratifying life. I keep waiting for Suri to start shrieking "I'm melting, I'm melting? What a world, what a world?" and confuse his date with his wife.
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    or at least resistant due to the fact that kids don't wear jackets in the rainy season and are totally saturated but they need their phones . Simply put it only allows for a better product if it can withstand damage from the elements. iphone , iphone 3 , 3gs , iphone 4 , 4s iphone 5 , 5s , iphone .........., 100s water-resistant . The iphone is exorbitantly priced in NZ and each upgrade is a little , little little different. Come on and just make the product the best it can be so it stays ahead of the competition , sharp and casio 16 megapixel cell phones .
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    Originally Posted by miquet View Post

    Most if not all phones for sale in Japan are Waterproof or at least resistant due to the fact that kids don't wear jackets in the rainy season and are totally saturated but they need their phones.

    Actually, they are water resistant due to the fact that that they were manufactured this way.
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