US congressmen send letter to Apple inquiring about iOS address book security



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    Originally Posted by thataveragejoe View Post

    Boohoo. This has nothing to do with Android, WP7, webOS, RIM or anyone else. That's a typical deflection argument when something is wrong and you want to avoid an uncomfortable topic. Android at least tells you on app installation what it's using including the address book.

    I agree to disagree with you on this one...

    Its to different things to access the Address book and upload it to somewhere! Yoy can't be shure about it on android other than you can't say what it does with your addressbook. Espessially with special apps like that path one. It might be to much to ask for the user to know how one really benefits of the app needing access. It might need it for some elements but without trying you really can't say can you?

    Apple should have made it a warning to other appdevelopers to kick the Path developer out of the store for 2 months because of the breach in contract!!! Because that's what it really is!!!!
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