New York Times gets Gizmodo treatment from Apple after negative reports



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    Originally Posted by anthropic View Post

    It's such a pity Apple behaves so poorly, their childish corporate behaviour really detracts from what should be more news about their awesome products.

    Yeah, too bad, if it wasn't a complete bunch of BS. The above story didn't happen. Apple gave David Pogue a private session, same as Gruber et al.

    It's a pity everyone attacking Apple over this (or cheering them on!) is behaving so poorly, their childish ignorant insults really detracts from, you know, reality.
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    Daniel, are you planning to issue a retraction, or just an update, since the entire story is bogus. NY Times' David Pogue did get a private session with Apple execs about Mountain Lion.

    Which is it: retraction or update?
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    flaneurflaneur Posts: 4,348member
    Well, in fairness to Daniel, we might observe that he was working off some bait thrown in the water by Erik Wemple of The Washington Post. I don't blame him that much for getting sucked in. I'm a bit pissed at the NY Times myself.

    No italics for them, that'll show 'em.
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    Originally Posted by sennen View Post

    It's amazing how many of these "I use Apple products but..." posts we see here these days. "I'm not racist but..." sound familiar?

    Are you seriously comparing criticism of your favourite tech company to racial discrimination? Seriously?

    And that "but" has come about because of the mentality on AI that anybody who is critical of Apple must not be a user. So now anybody about to post anything critical has to categorically state they are a user.

    But what more can you expect when you have people who actually think criticism of a tech company is comparable to real and genuine issues millions of human beings face everyday.
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