China Telecom to offer fully-subsidized iPhone 4S starting March 9



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    Note that it should be qualified with "publicly traded" since there is at least one private company that is thought to be worth well over $1 trillion.

    Aramco, who own Saudi Arabia's oil, is reputably the world's largest company with a market cap of around $7 trillion.

    So Apple is really a tiddler, with loads of room to grow!
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    I presume you are talking of calendar Q3 and Q4 2011?

    In which case Apple lost market share in Q3 in the US, because of all the media chatter about the new iPhone, and then leapt in market share in Q4, when the new iPhone became available.

    If the iPhone lost market share in China, it was for the same reasons as the US. But in Q4 (unlike in the US) the iPhone 4S was still not available in China, so it kept losing market share while buyers held back waiting for the new iPhone.

    In Calendar Q1 2012 the iPhone 4s is being released in China and its market share will leap just as it has everywhere else that the iPhone 4S was released.

    China Telecom will more or less double demand and availability to subscribers for the iPhone 4S.

    ok.. I think I know what you are trying to say. But if they are wiling to wait almost 3 Qs for a minor upgrade and a feature that isn't yet available in their language, what stops them from listening to all the iPhone 5 chatters and holding back their purchase for another Q or two?
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