Apple's Mac sales solid ahead of "possible MacBook Air refresh" as early as March



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    by the end of Q1 or I'm getting a Samsung Series 9.
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    Piper Jaffray knows nothing about Apple's release schedules. Grasping at straws.
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    Originally Posted by quinney View Post

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    no, your wrong.

    yes, my right.

    And today's existential question is "what is the opposite of a comma?".
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    shaun, ukshaun, uk Posts: 1,050member
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    Shiny new hardware and then later shiny new OS means TWO sales spikes.

    Apple likes to release new products with a fanfare to generate a lot of interest, media coverage and initial sales. That way they can announce "record sales" in the first month after launch. They can't do that if half the potential buyers are waiting for it to come with Mountain Lion before they buy. Also the press interest around a new Mac gives Apple the opportunity to show off their shiny new OS to the journalists at the same time.

    USP: "All new MacBooks with the latest intel processors (yawn) and the latest OS (excitement)"

    If it was a simple internal upgrade or spec bump that would be different but just look back at the last few Apple product launches - it's always new hardware + new software.
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