'Nightline' report on Apple production line shows iPhone is basically handmade



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    Very few spoiled Americans will ever do a repetitive job assembling gadgets by hand all day..even at the standard American minimum wage. That's one of the many reasons why those manufacturing jobs ain't coming back here in the States.

    I hear this argument often, but is there any factual basis to it? I don't recall ever hearing of an American factory that was shut down and moved overseas because nobody could be found to work there.
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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Different countries have different standards. End of story.


    wait until we see what the conditions are in the factories being built in india.
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    Originally Posted by hill60 View Post

    I would like to earn a months rent with only 10 hours of work.

    I think that's a reflection of their living conditions rather than generosity of pay.
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    "We'll show you how these folks come on buses, sometimes for days, to travel to the Foxconn gates, desperate for a chance to wipe a screen or solder a chip for 10 hours a day at less than $1.50 an hour."

    This entire debate could be ended by showing us where these folks come from.
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    Dang! Don't know how this people on earth got complaining...how many years they are using tainted toothpaste & poisonous toys!
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    Already have - it's called the U.S. Navy.

    Guaranteed worse working and living conditions and still took home less...

    A friend of mine lived in a 3 room, shared living space apartment with 4 other people and was able to get by in a major city on $400 per month rent (all inclusive). A Google search for 3-5 dollars a day for meals turns up plenty of sites with information.

    That's approximately $500-550 per month living expenses in a place where minimum wage is $10.25 per hour. Assuming you work 60 hours per week (my friend certainly didn't), that's around 80% of your salary free to do with as you please.

    It's possible to do, you just have to be willing to set your your standard of living to be similar to that of those workers.
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    Dang! Don't know how this people on earth got complaining...how many years they are using tainted toothpaste & poisonous toys!

    It's a Google conspiracy.
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    Heck its Disneyland.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    ABC's Nightline special episode on Apple's production line offered an inside look at

    Are you insane, or just some sort of low level AI programmed to quote press releases?

    Five camera operators, four sound people, a satellite crew, five stylists, ten flunkies, a de facto hooker or two, and an actor with a BA in English who had insufficient talent to make it on reality TV cannot provide anyone an "inside look" of each other's nostrils, much a secure prison in a dictatorship that's received at least six weeks advance notice of the visit, and where merely being white guarantees that you are so much an outsider that nearly everyone you pass wants to take your picture.

    You'd get more accurate information sending the entire Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus.

    I hope you wash your hands after typing this stuff and before going to the bathroom. You could give yourself a disease.
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