Online orders of new iPad will now take up to 3 weeks to ship



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    buzzzbuzzz Posts: 84member
    I was watching BBC's CLICK program yesterday and I could swear they said sales of the new iPad has been disappointing, but how can that be since it is not available in stores yet.
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    osminosmin Posts: 10member
    UPS just changed my status! Still in Lousiville but now it has been scanned as "imported". That was at exactly 8:00am so, I am sure that probably happened to all of them at once.

    Still, every change is good as we wait for Christmas morning...
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    Yesterday late afternoon received e-mail from Apple store saying that my IPad is at the Apple Retail store and ready for pick-up on or after Mar 16. Probably should have had it sent to home, but as is my first IPad I thought the store set-up etc would be helpful. Was told by store that there will be a line for pre-orders and another for people trying to get one from store inventory.
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    osminosmin Posts: 10member
    It has left Louisville! Getting a tinsy bit excited lol.
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