iPad users spend $70K a day on Newsstand content



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    Originally Posted by Shaun, UK View Post

    I had a good look through the newspapers and magazines available a few days ago and just about every magazine I normally buy in paper form is now available in Newsstand. You might want to keep checking back each week as they seem to be adding a lot more titles since the iPad 3 launched.

    And now cheaper too. NG is only $20.00 a year.
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    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    I find this astounding.

    I have looked in newstand many, many times and never found anything worth reading. Even the "free" magazines are full of junky advertisements and most are not really free, but just "first edition free" kind of things.

    It's such a shame that good authors often can't find people to buy their material or get a publishing deal but such huge quantities of dreck can be published and consumed on a daily basis.

    There could be a lot of mags in there, but the way to to through them sucks. I didn't even know that Reader's Digest was available until I saw an interview with the publish on Twitter some where. I can only wonder what else is in there, Besides the New Yorker (which I got the same day I got my iPad).

    One of the things that puts the NY'er above the other is that you can read it in landscape mode, making it easier to read while not holding it. They should put by their descriptions that it is 'Portrait' only, then I would not have bought it.
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