Foxconn recruiter says next-gen iPhone arriving in June - rumor



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    Originally Posted by peter236 View Post

    Australia is just a puppet of the US. Australia started out as an illegal colony anyway.

    You must be about ten years old or something the way you write.

    Australia has in the past been controlled politically by the USA, (mostly 1970's and 80's), but it's far from a "puppet" of the US. All they did was rig a few elections to keep the right-wing guys in power so things in Australia would go the "USA way." Even the very worst of it doesn't even approach what the USA did in South America during the same period.

    Australia also did *not* start out as an "illegal colony" (there is actually no such thing), but it did start out as a "penal colony" (in part). All scientific evidence would indicate that the fact that some of their ancestors were criminals has no effect on the morals of the current population.
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    This is really good news. I looked closely at that photo trying to see if I could compare the unit's screen size against something but could not. Then I held my current iPhone in front of me while staring at the photo. It is very apparent that the aspect ratio of the screen is wider on the unit in the photo. Yay!
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