Apple's 'iPanel' called 'far more than a TV,' expected to launch in 2012



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    Originally Posted by Toruk View Post

    Why do you think ITV is horrible?

    Well, I am incredibly ancient so the last time I lived in England there was only BBC and ITV, and ITV was considered to be a horrible sort of "second string" station. Perhaps it's not anymore.
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    All the suggested names just sound odd to me. Maybe if we knew what else this mythical device would do besides TV it would make sense. But so far no one is being real specific in what they think the functionality of this thing will be. How would this be better than any other internet connected TV currently being produced. Or even the current Apple TV for that matter. Yes, I know that Apple's design sense would give it a much better UI, but that can't be the extent of it. How did Steve Jobs think he "cracked" the issues swirling around TV content? There are many more fundamentals that need to be answered over the name of the device.
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    It will be beautiful, thin, elegant, connect to all iOS devices and iCloud seamlessly. It will have a gorgeous interface. And I, for one, will be buying one!

    I see the connection with the name, iPanel...with iPod, iPad, iPhone. It works for me. I remember with the intro of the iPad, the name seemed a little awkward at first, but now, no one even gives a second thought.

    iPhone 4s, iPad3, 11" MBA, TimeCapsule and now the iPanel...and I'm good to go....or not go!

    I refuse to buy any electronic equipment from any Company other than Apple! It's all crap with clunky interfaces, creaky plastic manufactured hardware that's "spray-painted" silver to look like metal! Uggh!

    I wish Apple would buy one of the SatTV companies...and for that matter, Sprint and really take it to the other TV and Cell companies that are essentially run by vultures and thieves!

    And solve, once and for all, the "go to market" problem with TV.
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    I'm sticking with my prediction: iPlay
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    Goddammit. Not that stock photo of iTunes with Hugh Laurie and his Neanderthal brow.
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    Proview just registered the name "iPanel" in China, then authorized it's Taiwan subsidiary to sell the right to that name in China.
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    Originally Posted by Buckeyestar View Post

    I was thinking iVision myself.

    or ... iSee
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    Gonna go with iHaveNoLife.
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    iBoobTube (or iTube... anyone remember what a picture tube is anymore...)

    iBox (or iDiot Box)



    or the most creepy.... iWatch
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    Since it's surely much more than a "panel" consider more descriptive names like...

    APPLE OZ... (like "magical land of oz" & sounds like "applause")


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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    What problems?

    That makes no sense. Do you really want Apple to pretend they're Prince?


    The prefix formerly known as "i"
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    Originally Posted by Buckeyestar View Post

    I was thinking iVision myself.

    I was thinking iPane since it would more than probably have a glass front ie. pane of glass!



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    Originally Posted by poke View Post

    How about iScreen?

    You screen, I screen, we all screen....
  • casey4147casey4147 Posts: 35member least they seem to be on track with this prediction...
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    What size? iWant!
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    "More than a TV" yet not a single use listed that couldn't be done with a box connected to any TV, same as the appleTV.

    They might sell a few of these but I still don't see them getting widespread sales unless they sell the equivalent plugin box as well.
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    Unless Apple already has the iPanel name trademarked then that won't be it as others will be snapping that name up as we type.
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    Originally Posted by dwilliamsiii View Post

    APPLE OZ? (like "magical land of oz" & sounds like "applause")

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    Let's think:








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