Verizon Wireless to charge customers $30 for upgrading to a new phone



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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,340member
    It's simple. The subsidy model is ridiculous and shouldn't continue. You already get ripped off when subsidizing the phone. In California at least, you pay the tax for the entire subsidy when you purchase the phone. You pay part of the cost of purchasing it and now fees on top of it.

    Instead of pissing and moaning about the model, just save some cash and DUMP the model. It stupid to complain that something is expensive because you don't want to pay up front and thus get ripped off.

    PagePlus let's you put Verizon Apple iPhones on unlimited everything with 1 gig data plans for $55 a month. StraightTalk lets you put iPhones on Unlimited Talk/Text 2 gig data plans for $45 a month.

    Buy the phone. Put it on either plan and stop sweating fees, overpriced plans and all the other nonsense. Turn the carriers into pipes and they'll stop their bullshit.
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    rtm135rtm135 Posts: 310member
    That's why I always tell people they're screwing themselves paying full price for a phone. Because the phone companies don't give you a break on the bill.

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    What about the not so little detail that about $15 of your bill is to payback your subsidy but when you are out of contract they don't remove that charge and same if you pay full rce

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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Verizon Wireless has decided to tack on a $30 surcharge when users opt to upgrade their mobile device. AT&T has indicated it will likely follow suit.

    Pinched by the heavy subsidies it pays Apple to attract iPhone buyers, Verizon has announced it will charge upgrading customers an additional $30 fee when they qualify for a subsidized device and choose to switch phones.

    [ View article on AppleInsider ]

    The article appears to have glazed over one important point: the $30 fee isn't just for iPhones. It's for all upgrades on all devices (smartphones and regular phones). It doesn't seem like a way to erode the subsidy, but rather capitalizing on a practice of competitors.
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    Originally Posted by dualie View Post

    And there will be no shortage of suckers willing to pay.

    Well if we shorted the shock this past week it would have paid off, Look like the no name Walter Piecyk, an analyst at BTIG LLC got the market to respond they way he wanted. So if the FCT going to investigate him and his company to find out if they were making recommendations to short the Apple. Also notice they are an LLC so their assets of protected from wrong doing.
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