Apple working on new power management technology for future Macs



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    Apple is not going to reveal any secrets in a job listing. The articles make the most out of what is otherwise very vaguely worded job listing. And anyway, didn't Apple like to keep even the candidates in the dark for several months after they were hired? The candidate could end up working on anything.

    I doubt that would happen at this level. You don't go shopping for a power supply engineer and then put him to work on video or digital. Especially if you are asking for 8 years experience.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    I'm always feeling very archaic; that might be part of it.

    5 decades will do that to you.
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    Originally Posted by MacInsider2 View Post

    This what? WTF is a THIS

    I'm right there with you, man. I don't know why it's so hard to say "Agreed" or "This is true", but it just keeps on going.
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    Company wants future products to have better battery life. News at 8.
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    future macs will be made by apple

    No they won't.

    They will be designed by Apple but most likely will still be made by the same companies that are making them now.
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    Originally Posted by elliots11 View Post

    I'm right there with you, man. I don't know why it's so hard to say "Agreed" or "This is true", but it just keeps on going.

    you guys sound like the old spinster I had for freshman English class. She complained that gas station attendants always asked "fill her up" rather than just "fill it" because it was unnecessary. Amazing how many people have never heard of colloquialisms.
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    Apple's next-generation Macs will employ new power management technology that will allow devices to be more efficient and run even longer on battery power. Apple's plans were revealed in a newly published job application discovered by Apple Insider, for a position entitled "Senior DC-DC Power System Design Engineer". The advertised job describes the role as "an excellent opportunity to work on the forefront of new power management technologies".
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    Originally Posted by Gustav View Post

    When someone posts "This." It means "I agree with the above statement." It's a weird meme-like thing.

    Stupid, isn't it? As if "Agreed." is so much more difficult to type.

    Thanks for the explanation. Seriously there are so many new Memes that come out, you feel like a Luddite.

    Eventually everyone catches on and then you've got bank commercials using "LOL" in their ads -- it's like Rolling Stones music on the elevator...

    ... but I don't want to be behind the wave paddling,..

    I'm just glad that now I know what "this" means -- though I already had my suspicions!

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    People do realize that I didn't use "this" like that meme, don't they?
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    You could always get people moving in the right direction by using complete sentences... like ya do. 


    But I agree w/ the sentiments about this being spectacularly non-newsworthy, even in the blogosphere/24hour news cycle.  


    "Apple is hiring engineers to improve future designs"... yawn


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